How Pukket Works

Here's How Pukket Works:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that Pukket is only available to genuine personal profiles. Profiles dedicated to blogging, influencers, businesses, diaries, non-personal profile images or IDs may be blocked. Our aim is to make social media a more authentic and a rewarding place for the everyday people and to do so we have to stay true to this message.

*Your profile needs to be active for a minimum period of couple of months with an active level of posting, sharing and engagements before you can access the app. A minimum number of followers also applies. This is to allow our engine to be able to verify, reward and engage with you.

Working with Pukket is super easy. Connect your Instagram, share your experience about one of the feaured brands with the right hashtag, and start collecting Pukkets. You can also share your experiences about any other cafes of restaurants in London, but in that case you need to include "Rewarded by @thePukket" instead so we reward you ourselves.

How does Pukket work?

  1. Download the Pukket app
  2. Create an account and link your Instagram account to Pukket
  3. Start sharing posts about the relevant brands with with the right @/# on your Instagram
  4. Pukket automatically picks up your post and reward you with points to spend on giftcards and vouchers

Note: There are time limits on how often you be rewarded for posts on a specific topic. Please refer to the description of each brand on the main menu tab on your apps.

How long does it take for me to get my rewards?

It usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes for your post to be detected by our engine and be validated. We then evaluate your performance for 24 hours to reward you the Pukkets you collected.

Do I need to post on Instagram through your app?

Not necessarily. You can post straight onto Instagram without the need for Pukket if you choose to. All you need to do is to have connected your Instagram account to our app and to include the required @/# or the in your caption; we will then automatically calculate your performance and reward you Pukkets.

How do I qualify to use the platform?

You must have more than 10 followers on Instagram and the platform is optimal for those with less than 3,000 followers. You should also have at least 10 posts on your page. This is because we want to make sure all accounts are genuine and the followers are from friends and family, not the general public. This is because your posts are a lot more impactful on the people you personally know.

How does Pukket identify my brand-related posts?

Pukket’s intelligent engine goes through your posts and identifies brand-related posts based on the #hashtag or the @mention sign in your posts. For instance, if you are posting about your favourite coffee brand, you need to include either the hashtag or mention the brand to qualify.

Will I get Pukkets for multiple posts about a brand?

Yes, as long as there is enough time between each post (please refer to the brand description to find out the exact time). We will only consider one post related to a specific brand in a one-week timeframe. During this timeframe the later posts (about the same brand) will be discarded.

Can I collect Pukkets from brand A and spend it on vouchers from brand B?

Yes absolutely, you can spend your Pukkets on whatever is available to you on the Shop tab of our app.

How do you measure my post performance?

Your post performance is based on a number of factors. First and foremost is the quality of your photo/video. The visual quality is key for you to achieve Pukkets. Another factor is the number of engagement your posts get. Users with fake engagements may be banned from the platform.

How much is each Pukket worth?

Each Pukket you receive is worth approximately 0.20 (£$€)

What can I spend my Pukkets on?

Once you have collected enough Pukkets, you can use them on vouchers available on our store. Please note terms and conditions apply to each voucher. The vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and cannot be bought or sold outside the platform