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We enable you to automatically detect related content, message your advocates and onboard them to your community of SUPER FANS!

Community Marketing & Rewards

Reward your community of advocates on social media activity with ease
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Sharing Posts

Rewarding You When You Share Your Experiences on Social Media


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Themes & Brands

From food to fitness, nature and sightseeing.

Win Win

When you win, social media platforms and brands win.

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For the people: We share our experiences and stories on social media everyday and happen to do a valuable job for those brands that have a presence in our lives. It's because we have tremendous influence on our circle of friends and family members. We're trying to hold brands accountable for the valuable work being done in promoting their work.

For Brands: Nowadays content is king, butcontent creation can be a daunting job for every business. Your customers are the best sources of content creation, and they do it in the most authentic way. So leave it to them, and reward them every time they post something based on their performance with your business vouchers. You'll have higher loyalty, better retention and a higher social media presence.
Simply download our app and link your Instagram account to see how you can get rewarded for sharing your posts.
You need an Instagram account to start using our platform as a user. You must not be an influencer, a blogger or a business page. Our platform is aimed at genuine everyday people and empowering them to own their own voice. Our service is aimed at Instagram profiles with less than 3000 followers.
If you have a consumer or a B2C brand in the UK, Germany or even beyond, then get in touch with us to find out how we can help you create word-of-mouth at scale on social media through our loyalty point system. Visit

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