Turn your customer base into a social selling community and grow faster

Increase sales for your purpose-driven ecommerce business by building, managing and engaging your community of social sellers


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Tap into the power of social selling

20% of customers generate 80% of revenue for ecommerce stores. Get your top fans to create UGCs and refer their friends, family and their followers on social media platform

Power of Social Selling

Impressions created by customers generate 5x more sales compared to paid ads impressions

Magic of Word-of-Mouth

90% of people are much more likely to trust a brand recommended by other people (even from strangers)

Science of Persuation

78% of consumers are influenced to buy from a brand they wouldn’t typically buy due to a coupon

Community-driven Growth

60% of people are more loyal to a brand and 49% generate more leads because of community

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Build and Manage an army of social sellers

A social selling program for your customers to create word-of-mouth and get rewarded

Your customers are your best source of marketing and growth. We help you encourage them to double your customer acquisition rate

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How it works

Starting with community onboarding and finishing with increased sales

Community Onboarding

Onboard members via pop ups, social chatbot messages and email

Brand Value

Build a community around your brand value to drive higher engagement

Community Chatrooms

Engage members in chatrooms around the topics they are care about

Social Selling Program

Provide social selling, UGC and group shopping opportunities to members

Automated Rewards

Provide active members with a range of rewards including vouchers and commissions

Social Media Challenges

Create seasonal content challenges to grow brand awareness on social channels

Gain Free insight into your community potential

Get your FREE community report within 24hrs

Your community can be your biggest business asset, but do you have any insight into the numbers for your business? We analyse the publicly available data to report the current state and the potential of your community for the growth of your business. This includes: