4 ways advocacy marketing can help you create value

Advocacy marketing is one of the terms that has gained a lot of popularity among many marketers in recent years. Advocacy marketing goes hand in hand with online communities that brands often host to take advantage of the many benefits they offer. Brands can leverage this to create value with their community of advocates.

In this article, we talk about how a community of advocates can be beneficial for brands and introduce 3 ways for a community of advocates to create value for brands.

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Building stronger relationships

The first way that a community of advocates can create value for your brand is by building stronger relationships with your customers.

When you ask your most excited customers to join your community of advocates, you are telling them that you want to cultivate a more exclusive relationship with them.  This makes them feel unique and special. And everybody wants to feel unique and special!

By frequently engaging with them in your community of advocates, your brand will stay in their minds longer. This can lead to building stronger and deeper relationships in the future which can translate to increased loyalty and more sales.

Gather valuable data

A community of advocates is the perfect place to gather valuable data about your most engaged and loyal customers.

These people know and love your products and services inside out . The members of your community of advocates are users who care about your brand and want to see your brand succeed. Therefore, their information and data can be extremely useful for your brand.

Your community of advocates are loyal to your brand and sometimes, they have very interesting ideas and valuable input about your brand. By listening to them, you can improve your brand and offer even better products and services.

This is why gathering data and leveraging it is a great way to create value with your community of advocates.

Creating word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is probably the most powerful tool in marketing. It is especially important today since most people are bombarded with inauthentic advertisements and sponsored content on the Internet.

The power of WoM is its authenticity and trustworthiness. People are more likely to trust something a friend or a family member has recommended.

One of the most powerful ways to create value with your community of advocates is to spread the word about your brand using your brand advocates. Each member of your community of advocates has someone who values their opinions. By using your community, you can create an authentic buzz around your products and services. This can lead to more exposure and can even increase sales.

UGC, a smart way to create value with community of advocates

Many brands use their online communities to gather user-generated content from their advocates.

User-generated content is very important because it cultivates a sense of authenticity for the brand. Moreover, it builds trust and it’s a valuable tool to create word-of-mouth with.

A super-smart way to create value with a community of advocates is to encourage your brand advocates to create UGCs. There are many types of UGCs that your community can create. They include online reviews, photographs or videos for different social media platforms etc.

Creating value with UGC can seem like a demanding task. However, there are different tools that can help you manage UGCs effectively. For example, some community management platforms such as Pukket offer easy-to-use tools to reward your customers creating UGC.

Using Pukket, you can design a unique rewarding system to remunerate your advocates properly and keep them engaged with your brand. Moreover, Pukket gives the members of your community the chance to interact with one another and get inspired.

If you want to receive more information about how Pukket can help you, be sure to fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch!

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