If you haven’t already heard about social selling, we must warn you sooner or later, you will! This marketing strategy is the next big thing that is going to shape the future of commerce in the years ahead, and everyone will be talking about it.

This strategy is the string that is going to tie every bit of marketing in the digital world together. And we are here to help you navigate it seamlessly and effectively to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital world we all live in.

So, let’s dive in!

The definition

As the name suggests, social selling has a lot to do with the social network. In this strategy, you can use your social connections to benefit from making recommendations, be it cash or discounts, or points to redeem in the future.

One of the pillars that make social selling very effective is the presence of trust. Research shows that about 88% of consumers trust recommendations and information they get from their friends and family members more than any other form of advertising. This shows the effectiveness of this marketing strategy over other techniques.

Eastern markets are already conquered by social selling. Many businesses are using this strategy to reach a broader range of audiences. It is a cost-effective, powerful, and efficient form of marketing for companies, from small ecommerce businesses to million-dollar corporations.

Benefits of social selling

This strategy offers many benefits to brands. In this section, we go through some of its most notable benefits for brands.

Increasing sales and boosting revenue

Like any marketing endeavor, this strategy is made to boost sales and increase a company’s revenue. However, it does that at a very reasonable cost!

Employing social selling techniques does not require costly tools. No matter how small or large, your ecommerce business can benefit from this strategy to grow sales affordably.

Creating trust

As mentioned earlier, trust is one of the key pillars in social selling. People trust the word of their friends and family a lot more than anything else. This means that when they recommend your brand to others. So, you gain not only new customers but win their precious trust as well.

Winning the trust of your customers is highly valuable and can help with your business’ organic growth in the long term tremendously.

Boosting authenticity

In a world where people are surrounded by brands and businesses trying to get their attention in every possible way, authenticity is a winning card. Nowadays, customers crave authenticity as it makes brands come across as more trustworthy, too.

Since social selling is a process based on real social interactions and recommendations, brands that use this strategy can experience a boost in their perceived authenticity.

Building a community around your brand

In this strategy, people use their real connections to spread the word about a brand they love. Therefore, by identifying those who really believe in your brand and its values, you can build a community to drive your business forward. It also allows you to attract others who share similar opinions to your fans, resulting in an increased number of fans joining the community. If you want to know how a community can help you grow, be sure to check this article out!

Different types of social selling

Despite what most people think, this strategy isn’t just about reaching people through social media channels. You surely have your circles of friends and family in everyday life, like friends and family members. In this part, we take a look at different types of social selling.

Real-life connections

Word-of-mouth and face-to-face recommendations are the oldest and most effective marketing techniques in the history of us human beings. This human behavior has now carried itself into the digital world, making it one of the most valuable techniques in the marketing world and, of course, in social selling.

As we stated earlier, trust is key in this strategy, and face-to-face conversations create the highest level of trust among people. Your brand should aim to create a memorable experience for customers in order to provide food for those real-life conversations taking place over dinner tables. Using real-life connections to spread the word about a product effectively increases your ecommerce business sales. Discover referral programs as one of the ways to facilitate this process.

Social media platforms

We live in the digital era, and many people we interact with are on one or more social media platforms. We engage with our friends and family members on social media on a daily basis and even build new relationships and find new friends as we spend most of our idle time there.

More importantly, on social media, we seek recommendations and look for products we can trust. This makes social media platforms the perfect breeding ground for social selling to thrive. Please be mindful of which platform you choose to be present on and which works better as a vehicle for word-of-mouth about your business.

Group shopping opportunities

Group shopping is referred to the process of several buyers banding together to purchase a specific product in bulk at a lower individual cost. This online shopping practice is very effective as a means of social selling. Both ecommerce businesses and customers benefit from it as one buys big quantities of products and the other enjoys the discounts associated with the bulk deal. This process is usually time-bound to create a sense of urgency where word-of-mouth travels quickly

Referral marketing

This technique has proved to be very practical. In referral marketing, current customers promote products or services to potential customers through referrals. By utilizing this technique, you encourage your ecommerce business’ fans to directly refer their friends and family to your business.

What you need to keep in mind about social selling is that you are not limited to using just one of the aforementioned types of social selling. In fact, using a combination of these techniques and strategies will help you in increasing sales and move towards sustained organic growth for your business.

If you want to know how community-driven growth can create value for your Shopify store, contact us via the form below. We have exciting opportunities for ecommerce businesses looking to grow!

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