2023 Marketing Trends

To reduce the risk and improve the results of your marketing activities, you need to be aware of the changes and the trends shaping the space. Here we explain the nine most important marketing trends to have in mind for 2023. You are probably familiar with most of them because they have been marketing trends since 2022, as well, and will keep their position as game changers in 2023.

1. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) indicates a form of word-of-mouth that has recently become very popular as a strategy for digital marketing. If you know how to do it, it would be your brand awareness and sales accelerator. Reviews, ratings, unboxing videos, as well as, using branded hashtags and tags are various forms of UGC marketing. If you want to make the most out of 2023 marketing trends, you should take advantage of UGC marketing.

Its advantage in comparison with other marketing strategies is the high level of authenticity it brings with it. Consumers are 2.4x more likely to say User-Generated Content is authentic compared to brand-created content; consequently, they trust UGC more. This is a particularly useful tactic for small businesses who run a UGC challenge and offer a prize to encourage its creation.

2. Customer (user) experience

In this post-pandemic era, our online lives are far more active than our offline lives. Many physical stores were closed while the online presence of their brands increased. As a result, online marketing activities are vital, and we need to try to outpace our competitors in all areas of an online presence to stay alive and continue to grow. Providing outstanding user experience is one of those areas which are expected by most customers to be top notch. Even those who prefer buying from offline stores do their research online and make their purchase decisions based on that research. Therefore, customer experience is considered to be one of the new marketing trends of 2023.

Below are great areas to enhance the level of your customer experience:

  • Visual quality and video content,
  • Personalization, 
  • UX,
  • Voice-activated interface,
  • Animated elements,
  • Storytelling,

Also, being friendly, convenient, and tailored to customers’ needs are significant issues you should excel to surpass your competitors. 

Some companies even took a further step and developed Virtual Reality (VR) marketing strategies to attract customers.

3. Death of third-party cookies

It’s a slow but steady process in which browsers block more ads and third-party cookies. It means you can only rely on the information you have collected directly. Therefore, you need to come up with strategies that can replace them and give you the information you need. First-party cookies, omnichannel marketing strategy, real-time messaging platforms, and zero-party cookies such as form building are the best alternatives. They can give you the information you need to develop an effective marketing plan and personalized messages. Meanwhile, you must have the mindset of collecting only the most required data, because people are sensitive about giving data.

4. Conversational marketing

Formal processes do not meet customers’ expectations anymore. They want real-time human-centered conversations. The increasing usage of AI automation, chatbots, and targeted messaging have emerged to respond to that need. Customers expect immediate friendly responses and communication with the people working for the brand. Moreover, they enjoy communicating with each other about the brand. So, providing a place that facilitates such relationship would be your advantage.

5. Artificial Intelligence

One-to-one marketing was a dream that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made possible. AI tools are your big data assistant through which you can learn more about your audience’s needs and behaviors. Also, understand what serves best to your customers to design your product better. Moreover, it enables you to personalize at scale, analyze data and automate your decision-making. You can develop targeted advertising plans and effective customer retention campaigns on the back of that. In addition, AI has facilitated voice search, which is increasingly popular among customers. Although, you should keep in mind that AI should not replace people and the human relationship you have built with your customers.

6. Video and visualization

You will lose part of your potential customers if you don’t have a presence in visual search. Also, it does not make sense if you want to have a meaningful presence on social media without visual content. Image is the basic form of visual content and cannot respond to the need for video content. Your audience expects entertaining and informative video content. It would be great if you can add live stream to your marketing tactics, as it is classified as one of 2023 marketing trends. Most importantly, the trends related to visual content will continue for the next few years. As a result, investing in this area would for sure bring you a high ROI.

7. Personalization

Nowadays, marketing is the competition to win the heart of customers rather than proving the advantages of the product or service you offer. To win your audience’s hearts, you should first speak directly to them, then treat them exclusively. Those people will return your attention by supporting your business. Therefore, personalization is another significant movement of 2023 marketing trends. Calling your customers by their names is a basic example of personalization. Do not forget your marketing campaigns should be tailored to your customers’ needs and desires.

8. Influencer

The efficiency of working with influencers has long been proven, and almost all businesses try to take advantage of collaborating with them. Now it’s time to take it one step further. As a matter of fact, people know very well that influencers are paid to advertise for brands, so their work lacks authenticity and impact it needs. Some businesses started to hire nano-influencers, who are less expensive and have higher engagement and ROI. Others, however, recommend a long-term relationship with influencers who are active in the same niche as your business. In this way, you create more authentic connections with the influencer and his audience, consequently.  

9. Social commitment

Despite the advancement of modern life, people have a stronger tendency to be social and real. They pay more attention to the brand that cares about social issues such as social justice and our environmental values. These factors highly affect millennial’s and Gen Z’s purchasing decisions. As a result, it is counted as one of marketing trends of 2023. Appearing as a strong brand in regard of social responsibilities will create trust and loyalty among your customers and increase your customer retention.

10. Social commerce

Social commerce or Social Selling has become an essential form of marketing. People spend hours a day on social media, and 90% of accounts follow at least one business on the platform. Consequently, commercial activities on social media have become one of the main trends of 2023 digital marketing. Platforms like Tik Tok are sometimes considered as game changers, so you cannot ignore developing relationship with your customers and deriving them to buy more on social media.

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