About us

About Us

We're building the community-driven engine of growth

Our team has decades of tech, marketing and growth experience across various consumer industries. We firmly believe the future of commerce is one centred around people through social selling


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Our approach

Results oriented

We measure the success of our SaaS product against the metrics we help improve for our e-commerce partners. Increasing the number of new customers and repeat purchases are our main focus. We work closely with our customers to better understand their challenges and develop features to address them in the most efficient way

Pukket team winners of msduk innovation challenge
on the edge of tech

A team of innovators and growth hackers

We're an award-winning team, recognised by the leaders within the UK's tech and consumer industries. We're also backed by Porsche and Axel Springer joint venture in Germany to disrupt the way businesses look at growth

Our values


We encourage all our team members to be their true selves to create a real sense of comfort at work

Diversity & Inclusion

We're a truly diverse team from many different backgrounds. We welcome everyone to have a voice at all levels

Impact driven

We're big fans of empowering SMEs in the face of competition with bigger players, that's what keeps us going


For us transparency and timely communication is pivotal to keeping our people and our clients happy. That goes from the very top to the bottom


For us the goal never justifies the means. We never remove the human element from our day to day work

Customer driven

We take customer service and feedback extremely serious. The quality of service and client satisfaction is our top priority