Influencer marketing alternatives

Considering how prevalent influencer marketing has become nowadays, it is difficult to believe there was a time when people used to laugh at paying huge sums of money to people on social media for promotion. But, that kind of thinking belongs to the past, and now, influencer marketing has become an inseparable part of the marketing mix for many brands. But are there any alternatives for influencer marketing?

With the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, influencer marketing has become a regular marketing strategy for brands. Many brands employ influencers to create content for them and introduce their products and services to a larger, mainly targeted audience.

The decline of influencer marketing

While still important, many believe that the popularity of influencer marketing is declining. Influencer marketing is expected to not be the go-to social media strategy in the years to come.

There are several reasons for this belief. The most important one is the cost. According to a recent report, brands spend around $174 for each piece of content generated by influencers. And the prices are increasing every year. Therefore, it has become more and more expensive for brands to use influencers for advertising.

Another reason for the decline of influencer marketing is that users don’t trust influencers as much as they used to. They believe that influencers are not transparent or honest enough about the products that they advertise. This lack of trust can have devastating consequences for brands. If brands choose the wrong influencer, they might lose their credibility.

So, what can brands do? Are there alternatives for influencer marketing? The good news is yes there are! And they are just as effective as influencer marketing if appropriately employed.

In this article, we talk about four different alternatives for influencer marketing. You can use these alternatives for influencer marketing to create brand awareness and boost sales.

Brand ambassadors

You may think that having brand ambassadors is just like influencer marketing, and you are not technically wrong. However, using brand ambassadors is a more effective form of influencer marketing.

Generally, you can work with influencers on a one-time collaboration basis or by building long-term partnerships. Having a brand ambassador is the second one, and the influencer becomes the face of your brand for a while.

This strategy helps your brand appear more authentic because when your audience sees an influencer support your brand over a long period of time instead of an on-time campaign, they feel it’s more genuine.

Targeted ads

Targeted ads allow you to advertise your products and services directly to a targeted audience and increase the chance of selling to them. However, you need to bear in mind that the conversions are much lower.

Nowadays, there are many platforms you can choose to implement targeted advertising; here are a few:

Facebook’s sponsored posts

These paid posts pop up on users’ feeds and are marked as “Sponsored”. These posts are suitable for enhancing your audience. A high-quality photo coupled with a motivational caption can usually make the users want to click and see more!

Carousel ads

Using carousel ads on both Facebook and Instagram is a great marketing strategy for online stores and marketplaces. These ads are really effective in boosting sales.

Facebook banner ads

Facebook banners are great for increasing traffic to your website or advertising your products and services on Facebook groups. However, these ads only appear on desktops and users who use their phones cannot see them.

Ads in Instagram stories

These full-screen ads pop up in between the stories that you watch. Various filters and effects can make your Instagram story ads more eye-catching.

On a final note, you should consider that targeted ads may result in pushback from the public if not used properly. Moreover, targeted ads are not as predictable as some companies claim them to be. Therefore, the outcome might not be desirable, and some ads might not even break even. So, before jumping in, you need to take these notes into consideration.  

Community marketing

Community marketing is another influencer marketing alternative that you can use. Many brands are creating branded communities to engage with their customers and fans.

Branded communities have many benefits, including getting feedback, gathering innovative ideas from your customers, increasing engagement and acquiring UGC.

Community marketing is the perfect strategy to build meaningful and long-term relationships with your customers. These relationships allow brands to appear more transparent, reliable and genuine, which can heavily affect customers’ decisions when they want to make a purchase.

Customers who feel closer to a brand are more likely to increase their basked size for their future purchases.

Some brands think that having a social media account is the same as hosting an online community. However, with how users are bombarded with content every second on social media, there is no time for brands to cultivate a deeper relationship.

Moreover, the users cannot concentrate on the brand’s message. Therefore, many experts advise brands to host their online communities in a more relaxed and dedicated space rather than on a social media platform.

Several companies offer community-building services for brands, such as Pukket. Using Pukket, you can create a space for your online community, identify and invite suitable candidates to your exclusive community and start engaging with your community members.

Advocacy marketing

Advocacy marketing is an excellent alternative to influencer marketing. In advocacy marketing, you use your brand’s most loyal customers and passionate fans to spread the word about your brand.

Compared to influencer marketing, advocacy marketing is way less expensive. It also offers a lot of opportunities for brands. For example, with a fraction of what you would typically spend on influencer marketing, you can receive lots of high-quality content that you can use on your brand’s feed as well.

Moreover, advocacy marketing is more effective than influencer marketing since ordinary people recommend a service or product to their friends and family members.

Advocacy marketing is gaining popularity, and several platforms allow you to implement this strategy, like Pukket.

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