Do you wish to improve your photography skills in a short time? This article provides you 10 most amazing photography tips on how to take a high-quality picture. The tips are highly recommended by skillful photographers. High-quality pictures can enhance the engagement of your page and the number of followers. Moreover, it has a direct impact on gaining more points on our platform. Grab the attention of your viewers by applying these simple tips!

We will also introduce you top 3 apps that are all free and extremely useful for photo editing, both for iOS and Android smartphones and a wonderful free online photo editing software. You can enhance the quality of your images significantly using any of these apps.

1) Digital zoom

Forget about it! Have you ever seen professional photographers change their distance from their subjects repeatedly? Why don’t they simply zoom? Because zooming may reduce the resolution and yield a low-quality image, even using multiple camera lenses. So, the best idea is to get close to your subject but try not to get too close to your subject as it causes the picture to be blurry. Keep the subject one step away from the camera and crop the photo after taking it, if needed.

2) Using flash for a better photo

A big misunderstanding! Not only you will lose a dimension and have a two-dimensional pic instead of three, but also you will have an odd-colored image. The best choice is natural light or any diffused light from multiple sources. Interestingly, the flash of your camera or smartphone is more beneficial when taking outdoor pictures on sunny days than indoor.

A two-dimensional odd-colored picture of a man, using flash of camera.
A two-dimensional odd-colored image using camera flash.

3) Clean the lens of your camera

It may seem too simple but it is one of the most important photography tips and highly recommended by experts to clean the lens using a soft material like a microfiber cloth. Especially when you take a picture with your smartphone this tip is really important. Because we put our smartphones in various places which all kinds of dust and lint may exist and stick to the camera lens. The human skin is oily and hard material may even damage the lens. So, be sure to clean this lens with a soft handkerchief or a microfiber cloth.

4) Focus and take benefit of Negative space

Filling one-third of your picture with the subject makes your picture stand out and attract more attention. The rest of your picture can be filled with a plain background such as sky, wall, or an empty field. This plain background is called Negative space. Remember to tap the screen on your smartphone on the subject of your picture to ensure that it is focused on what you want and the lighting is optimized.  

After taking the photo, you can use filters and apps to enhance the quality of your photo.

Filing one-third of an image of a plate with the subject as a photography tip
Filling one-third of an image with the subject.

5) Enable “Grid” when taking picture

Your camera (no matter if it is a smartphone camera or a professional one) has an amazing feature called “Grid”. A photography principle says if you divide the screen into three parts, both horizontally and vertically. Then trying to position your subject in the intersections will attract more attention and let viewers interact with your picture more naturally. Using the “rule of thirds” helps you to benefit from negative space and put your subject in a place better than the center.

To switch on the Grid feature in an iPhone device go to “Settings”, select “Photos and Camera”, then switch “Grid” on. In android devices, it is called “Gridlines”. So, simply launch the camera, go to “Settings”, scroll down and turn on the “Gridlines”.

Grid lines in a picture of sunset, sea and a tree
Using Grid lines to take unique photo.

6) To add creativity, move it from the center!

Logically, the most important element is the owner of the center. But let’s think smartly! People are used to such positioning. So, their minds have become less sensitive about the center of pictures. Instead, they will pay more attention to the subject if you put it in an unusual position in the picture with a simple background.

In this case, to take a sharp photo, it is better to lock your camera’s focus with the subject in the middle. And then move your subject away from the center.  

7) Take benefit of a plain background

A plain background lets the viewer focus on your subject. Therefore, it will remain in his/her mind more vividly and for a longer time. Moreover, in many cases having a plain background like a wall or a table is much easier than arranging several things for a nice harmony in your picture. You can also take your photo with any background and replace the background with a plain one using a simple picture editing app. You can find information about top picture editing apps later in this article.

Using plain background as a photography tip. Photo of a pineapple with a plain yellow background
Taking benefit of plain background

8) Become a picture director

To take a unique photo you need to take one step further than simply taking a picture and become a picture director. Apart from paying attention to lighting, distance, and angle of taking a picture; a picture director chooses the location, decides about positions of the subjects in a creative way, uses simple objects to decorate, and adds innovation. Can you make the picture attractive by positioning the subjects in a particular shape such as a circle or triangle? Or by putting a flower, leaf, or a few marble beads next to the plate?

simple design of a plate with flowers and strawberry. Being a picture director as a photography tip
Simple design of a plate with flowers and strawberry.

9) Take a symmetrical photo

Symmetry shows harmony and balance. So, it is one of the best photography tips to show symmetry in your image. A photo with two equal parts that are mirror images of each other is incredibly pleasant to look at. You can both look for symmetry around yourself to take a photo, or create it with an extremely simple design, such as what you can see in the picture.

A symmetrical picture of a pair of shoes. photography tip
A Symmetrical picture.

10) Consider buying a tripod

Using a simple tripod would be much enjoyable and easier than just lying on your hand to stay steady. For those who take and share pictures frequently, it could be a wise investment. Moreover, when using a tripod, you will have more options to increase the quality of your pic; including long-exposures, time-lapse, low light photography, light painting, etc. 

Best Photo Editing Apps

When you took your photo, it is time to apply a few changes to yield a high-quality image to share on your social media page. In this section, we introduce you top 3 photo editing apps and an online picture editing software. All are free and easy to use for everyone.

Logos of photography apps including VSCO cam, Photoshop Express, Snapseed and Pixlr, respectively.
Logos of best phot editing apps, including Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express and Pixlr, respectively.


One of the best photography apps made by Google is Snapseed. It contains all the classic adjustment tools along with an outstanding sharpening tool that really enhances a photo’s detail. However, the unique feature of this app is its “Selective Adjust” tool by which you can pinpoint an area of your picture and apply the adjustment you want only for that particular area. Therefore, the viewers would focus on the point of your image that you want. It also provides a windows version for those who feel more comfortable when working with a PC.


VSCO Cam’s popularity has increased significantly during recent years. The reason is its outstanding tools and filters. Not only it provides a wider set of editing tools compared to many other photo editing apps, but also it has highly beneficial filters. You will find out that filters of this app have a softer and more authentic look in comparison with the over-saturated looks of Instagram filters.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop has taken one step further and developed to help people in editing photos with a smartphone. You can find most of the popular photo editing features of Adobe Photoshop on its app, Adobe Photoshop Express. It is particularly beneficial for making photo collages, which can ease sharing many photos at once on Instagram or Facebook. The only disadvantage of this app to mention is that you can only upload JPG files smaller than 16MP.

Pixlr; Best Free Picture Editing Software

No need to download or buy a subscription or membership. Pixlr is a fully online editing software with a very similar interface and editing toolset to GIMP, with a little bigger icons which may ease a detailed editing process.

To start editing, simply go to Pixlr’s website, click on the “Use Pixlr Editor” bottom on the homepage. Then you need to choose the photo you wish to edit or make a canvas. After that, you will be sent to the editing page.