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8 ways to improve customer engagement

Customer engagement is a concept that has been used for many years by many successful marketers. This is because customer engagement drives the success, product development and overall growth of a business.

A study by Gallup shows that if customers are fully engaged, they are 23% more likely to spend money with brands than average customers. This clearly shows the importance of customer engagement and why brands need to pay attention to keeping their customers engaged and happy!

This article talks about what customer engagement is and why it is crucial for brands. Then we discuss eight ways to improve customer engagement.

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What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is not an easy concept to define. Outbrain defines customer engagement as all the ways you interact with customers, both online and offline. These interactions should be in a way that causes customers to feel and act positively towards a brand.

Similarly, HubSpot defines customer engagement as the process of interacting with customers through a variety of channels in order to strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers.

Therefore, the brand’s interactions with its customers and the relationships it builds with those interactions are the two key pillars of customer engagement.

There are different types of brand interactions. Here are some examples:

  • Digital interactions such as visiting a website or interacting with a brand’s social media accounts, commenting, liking, sharing, etc.
  • Making a purchase from a brand
  • Creating content for a brand
  • Calling a brand’s support line
  • Talking to people about a brand

Generally, brands that end up providing an excellent and memorable experience for their customers will keep them engaged. Engaged customers can turn into loyal customers and eventually, brand advocates who avidly promote the brand and its values.

The importance of customer engagement

Now that we know what customer engagement is, let’s understand why it is essential.

Customer engagement is vital because brands need to engage their customers to acquire, convert, retain customers and create a community of advocates.

Building meaningful relationships with customers is the purpose behind all customer engagement activities. These activities help keep a brand top of the customer’s mind by building a solid tie.

Customers who are engaged with a brand keep coming back. Customer engagement strategies ensure that customers choose a brand over the competition. If customers are delighted with a product or service, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family, creating valuable word of mouth for the brand.

According to Forbes, when customers interact with a brand more, they are more likely to buy more from a brand and actively participate in product launches, leading to strong loyalty to a brand.

8 ways to improve customer engagement

We now know what customer engagement is and why brands need to pay attention to it. It is time to learn what brands can do to improve customer engagement. In this article, we talk about eight different ways to keep customers engaged!

Analyze customer journey

The first step in improving customer engagement is to analyze the customer journey. Customer journey is about defining customer needs, problems, and interactions with a brand. Carefully studying the customer journey helps brands find problematic areas that need to be redesigned or corrected.

Moreover, analyzing the customer journey helps brands understand where they need to engage their customers more, both in the short and long term.

Provide great customer experience

Every customer wants to have a great experience with a brand they choose to buy products or services from. This is why it is crucial for brands to always provide a great customer experience for all of their customers.

While it is not possible to provide a satisfactory customer experience for everyone, brands should aim to do that for the majority of their customers. Sometimes, a great customer experience can change the purchase size of a regular customer!

Create useful content

In this era where content surrounds us, creating helpful content for customers has become essential for brands.

When customers have a problem with a product, they want to solve their problems as quickly as possible. Therefore, creating useful and relevant content is essential in increasing engagement.

Sharing tips and practical techniques about products and services is a great way to keep customers engaged. By creating videos, blog posts and social media content, brands can build lasting relationships with their customers and keep them engaged.

Besides creating, effective distribution of content is another point that brands need to consider. For each distribution channel, brands need to create useful content specific to that channel!

Value customer feedback

Customer feedback is valuable. A brand’s customers are the people who use the products and services. Sometimes, they have valuable input to help brands improve their products and services. So, it only makes sense to consider those feedback.

Moreover, by valuing their feedback, brands let their customers know that they actually care about their customers’ points of view. This will lead to a deeper and more meaningful relationship between a brand and its customers, which is the whole point of customer engagement activities.

Offer personalized interactions

Nowadays, consumers are bombarded with generic ads, emails and newsletters from different brands. Providing personalized interactions with them can really impact the way they see a specific brand, leading to better customer engagement.

The idea is to let customers feel that they matter and are not just one of many. Listening to customers is the key to providing a successful personalized experience. Brands can gather data and use it to design their interaction with each customer effectively. They can tailor how and how often they contact a specific customer based on their data.

Offer rewards to more engaged customers

Rewarding engagement is a great way to improve customer engagement. Brands should want their customers to feel appreciated for their loyalty and commitment.

Designing a reward programme can help brands create more loyalty and turn their customers into advocates.

However, brands should keep in mind that rewards do not have to be grand. Sometimes, a little token that thanks the customers for their support and loyalty does the trick and encourages them to keep buying from a business.

Another important factor is to reward customers in proportion to the value they provide to the brand. A highly engaged and loyal customer should be rewarded higher compared to a newly converted customer. There is little point in having a universal reward system whereby all customers, regardless of their value or engagement, are rewarded equally.

Build an online community

An online community is a perfect place for increasing customer engagement. Brands have different reasons for creating and hosting online communities, such as getting feedback and innovative ideas from their avid customers.

Building an online community allows a brand to gather all of its loyal customers in one place and let them inspire each other. The chances are that the loyal customers already love the brand and are willing to get the word out! By activating these customers’ hidden potential, brands can significantly improve their customer engagement.

Use the right tools

Increasing customer engagement is essential for every business that wants to grow and prosper. This is why brands need to do it right and with professional tools.

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