How to manage UGC

UGC or user-generated content is one of the terms that has become more important since social media platforms gained popularity in the past decade. Nowadays, brands love to receive UGCs from their advocates, and most of them constantly encourage their customers to create valuable content for them. However, many brands struggle when trying to manage this type of content coming their way. In this article, we talk about what user-generated content is and why it is important. Moreover, we will discuss how brands can best manage user-generated content shared by their fans on social media.

What is user-generated content?

Tint defines user-generated content as “any content that has been created, published and/or submitted by users of a brand.”

Customers usually create user-generated content when they are happy with the products and services that they receive. They use UGCs to share their good experience with your brand with their friends and family.

UGCs can be widely used in brands’ marketing strategies. From customer reviews to images and posts on social media, UGC is found in many different spaces on the internet. User-generated content can be leveraged to increase future sales and improve engagement among customers.

The importance user-generated content

Using UGCs in a brand’s marketing strategy offers many benefits. From showing more authenticity to creating trust and word-of-mouth, leveraging UGC can help brands build a deeper relationship with their customers.

Here, we will discuss why brands focus on user-generated content and why UGC is important.

Creating authenticity

A study by Cohn and Wolfe shows that 63% of people would rather buy from a company that is more authentic than its competitors.

In today’s online world, brands need to be authentic in order to stay ahead of the competition. And thankfully, UGC creates authenticity.

Leveraging UGC in their marketing strategy helps brands to show that they are authentic. User-generated content allows brands to connect with their customers on a human level, which then leads to a deeper connection and a more authentic relationship.

Building trust

People usually do not trust marketers, but they trust real humans. And what better way to be human than sharing real people’s experiences with your brand?

Sharing content created by real customers allows brands to build trust with their future customers. UGC is an excellent way for brands to show how others have trusted them, and potential customers are more likely to make purchases from a brand they think their friends and family trust.  


One of the main benefits of using UGC is word-of-mouth. It is highly effective when ordinary people talk about a brand on social media by creating content.

What would influence you more? A piece of content about a brand your friend loves or an advertisement about the same brand on social media? Which one of these would you personally remember better?

Creating effective word-of-mouth is probably the most valuable benefit of using UGC for brands.


Compared to other types of content a brand can use, such as content created by influencers, UGC is a lot less expensive.

With gaining more popularity in recent years, influencers have become more and more expensive. One of the reasons is that influencers depend on the income they make trying to advertise for brands. However, UGC is created by ordinary people who have other means of supporting themselves financially, keeping the costs of using UGC for brands relatively low.

How you should manage user-generated content

Now that we know what is user-generated content and why brands need to emphasize it more let’s discuss how you can best manage user-generated content for your brand.

Define your expectations clearly

When managing user-generated content, you need to determine what types of content you want to receive from your brand advocates in the beginning. A brand needs to set its expectations early on and clearly when asking its customers to create content. Your advocates need to know what kind of content is permissible and how they can talk about your brand on different channels.

Moreover, setting clear policies for collecting UGCs is essential because it helps maintain brand identity across various channels. The last thing you want to do as a marketer is to encourage your customers to talk about your brand in a way that can ruin your brand identity.

Offer the right incentives and motivations

While there are always some customers who would love to create content about a brand without any incentives or motivations, this is not always the case. Some customers just need a little push to get started.

You might have a lot of customers who love your brand and want to share their pleasant experiences with your brand with their friends and family. Offering incentives when managing user-generated content will encourage these customers to start sharing their stories.

The incentives and motivations don’t have to be grand. Even small motivations such as a chance to be featured on your brand’s social media account might encourage some to start creating high-quality content for your brand.

Moderate and manage your community

When it comes to managing user-generated content, moderating the content is vital. Suppose you are serious about using UGC as an essential part of your marketing activity. In that case, you need to assign someone to moderate the content and manage your brand’s community of advocates.

With the help of moderators, brands can curate content in a timely manner. When trying to manage user-generated content, moderators can also keep the brand’s online community engaged by proposing different challenges.

Use the right tools

Learning how to manage user-generated content is a challenging and difficult task. However, it can become more straightforward if you use the right tools. Nowadays, there are many great tools with different features to manage user-generated content, such as Pukket.

Using Pukket, brands can create communities of advocates and reward their super-fans for creating valuable content. Pukket allows brands to create challenges based on their marketing strategies to receive the best results. Moreover, Pukket provides professional moderating and community management services to all its customers. So, you can sit back and enjoy the high-quality content your community creates.