As a community manager trying to manage a community of advocates, there are many tasks that need to be done. You can improve how you manage your community of advocates with these six tips!

One of the marketing trends that have gained more and more popularity in recent years is establishing a branded online community. Online communities have many benefits for brands. They allow brands to connect with their customers and create a participatory experience for the customer.

While many brands decide to create online communities because of the benefits and the growth potential they bring, many don’t know how to effectively manage a community of advocates. In this article, we have gathered six tips to help you improve how you manage your community of advocates.

Create a community management strategy

The first step to improving how you manage your community of advocates is to create a community management strategy. Creating this strategy helps you to have a clear goal in mind when managing your community.

Suppose you don’t create a community management strategy. In that case, you will end up in a reactive mode instead of a proactive one, and you will risk missing opportunities and threats to your community.

A community management strategy can also help you visualize a roadmap for your community and move towards growth on a more straightforward path.

Keep your community engaged

Constantly engaging with the members of your community is the second step to improving how you manage your community of advocates.

Engagement is critical when managing a community. Nobody wants to have an inactive online community. If a community is not engaged, what’s the point of having it?

To keep your community of advocates engaged, you need to do three things; create a content schedule, be consistent with the schedule, and encourage networking.

Create a content schedule

Creating a content schedule beforehand helps you know how frequently you need to communicate with your community.

Instead of waiting to see how to engage with your community one day at a time, plan your interactions on a quarterly basis. By carefully planning every interaction, you can guide your community more efficiently and achieve the desired results.

While it is necessary to stick to the schedule and not deviate from it, you need to keep in mind that sometimes unexpected things happen, and you need to be flexible. If a crisis (like the recent pandemic) happens and you keep on posting your regular content, you may risk being seen as inconsiderate. So, stick to the schedule, but be aware of what is happening around you!

Be consistent

Consistency is essential in managing a community of advocates. When you are interacting with your community of advocates, you need to ensure you are consistent. Making your customers confused is one of the worst things you can do.

Be consistent with the tone you use when communicating with your advocates. This is a general rule for any branded communication, and it applies to the community of advocates as well.

Moreover, consistency with the timing of your communication can be highly valuable. Being consistent with the timing helps people know when to expect to hear from you.

Encourage networking

A great way to help you improve how you manage your community is to encourage members to network with each other. People can learn a lot from one another and can get inspired. This is why you should encourage your customers to interact with each other within your community.

Networking can also help to keep the conversation going and get people more engaged in the community. You want your community to be a place where people come and talk to each other. The members of your community are more likely to participate in discussions and interact when they get some sort of value from the community. Encouraging networking can definitely do that for you.

By encouraging networking, you can also foster an independent environment. If the members of your community are advised to interact with each other, they can also help each other when a problem arises. For example, people can ask technical questions from other members or request feedback about the user-generated content they have created. Therefore, networking can increase the self-sufficiency of your community.

If you want to learn more about engaging with your community of advocates, be sure to check this article out!

Be available

Members of your community need to know that you are available, and they should be able to reach you when they have a question. However, 24/7 support is not available unless you have a large community management team. That being so, you need to communicate when and how you are available to respond to them.

Response time is crucial when trying to improve how you manage your community of advocates. Respond as soon as you can, and don’t keep your customers waiting.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the most important things that can help you in community management. To improve how you manage your community of advocates, you need to divide your community members into different groups based on their experience with your brand.

By dividing your community members into different groups, you can effectively tailor the content you are creating for them. Maybe some of your community members need more training to make the content you desire. By putting those members in the same group, you can train them together and let them get inspired by others’ experiences.

Offer exclusivity and personalization

People love to feel special. Therefore, you need to let them feel unique if you want to improve how you manage your community of advocates.

Exclusivity comes in many ways. Sometimes a simple action such as a personalized message can do the trick. Other times, inviting the members to an exclusive event can make them feel special.

In any case, offer as much exclusivity as you can since it helps build trust, authenticity and uniqueness around your brand.

Use a community management tool

Using a tool specifically designed for community management is probably the best way to improve how you manage your community of advocates. Community management tools can make your job very easy and straightforward.

Some of them, like Pukket, also come with professional community managers that can effectively manage your community for you. So, you can receive all the benefits of having an online community without any of the challenges!

If you want to know more about how Pukket can transform the way you manage your community, fill in the form below, and we’ll get in touch!