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A well managed brand ambassador programme can be your answer to the following problems: Do you feel like your business is facing overwhelming competition? Are your advertisement costs heading to unsustainable levels? Are you striving to generate more quality leads and gain more loyal customers? If your answer is yes to any, if not all of these questions, know that you aren’t alone. Many business owners and operators have been there but did something that took their business to greater levels. One of the most effective strategies is choosing brand ambassadors help you increase awareness about your business.

Why A Brand Ambassador Programme?

The benefits of a brand ambassador programme include:

  • Business reputation protection

When some people out there decide to tarnish the reputation of your company, your brand ambassadors will be your shield. They can calm the situation by sharing their positive experiences with your staff, product, services or any other factual information.  

  • Resource-efficient

A robust ambassador programme can reduce the workload of your marketing team. Ambassadors can take over tasks such as content creation or distributing them on social media at cost-effective levels.

  • Improved brand-customer communication

Customers trust brand ambassadors more than the brands they represent. As such, they are more likely to tell them how they actually feel about the brands. The ambassadors will then communicate such information to their brands for action.

Which Are The Major Factors In Running A Successful Brand Ambassador Programme?

1. Choosing the right people

Traditionally, companies choose celebrities to become their brand ambassadors. However, with time, marketing departments have come to appreciate the fact that celebrities aren’t the exclusive brand ambassadorship candidates.  Anyone who has some level of following can be a brand ambassador.

In fact, when a person with just a few hundreds of followers posts about your product or service, their audience will find it more authentic as compared to a similar post by an influencer with thousands of followers. As for the latter, people feel like their promotional messages are inspired by the money they receive to post the advertisement.   

As you look into that while recruiting your brand ambassadors, also ensure that the qualified candidates embody your brand’s ideals. Such ambassadors won’t feel pressured to conform to your standards when communicating information relating to your brand.  

2. Agreeing on the rewards from the beginning

Whether you use a reward system or recruit volunteers to take part in your brand ambassador programmer, it’s good to give them something for appreciation. Also, to avoid unnecessary conflicts and overexpectation, you should agree on what they stand to get if they participate in the programme from the very word go.

Besides, you need to settle on the prerequisites of getting the agreed-upon reward. When such things are clearly outlined, the participants will be able to make informed decisions and work objectively.

As you explore your reward options, it’s important to note that free products can be a good choice. In fact, 38% of the 200 companies used in a recent Kite study say that they offer free products to their ambassadors as a way of appreciating them for promoting their brands on social media.

However, as you consider free samples as rewards for the promoters of your brand, you should be a bit cautious. If you operate in the U.S, ensure that your decision is in line with the Federal Trade Commission. For a U.K business, confirm if the reward program conforms with the Competition and Markets Authority regulations. To avoid these issues, on Pukket you would only reward your ambassadors only after they have posted their experience with your product/service on loyalty point basis, avoiding the problem of incentivisation before the post is made. 

3. A realistic and simple plan

Having agreed on the rewards that your ambassadors will get, it’s imperative to create a plan and have them incorporated into it. Make the plan as simple as you can to help future ambassadors understand the components easily. The simplicity of the plan is important for your quick reference or by the current ambassadors.  

4. Trust and transparency

Trust and openess are the key components of an effective brand ambassador programme that stands the test of time. However, trust comes from the point of understanding the potential and personality traits of every ambassador. As such, you should collect as much information as you can regarding the abilities of your brand ambassadors before engaging them. 

Once you confirm that the promoters have the abilities you desire, show them that you trust them with your company’s representation. Also, it’s imperative to make them develop a sense of belonging to your organization. You can achieve that by keeping them updated about the progress of the company. If you have an incoming launch or release, keep them in the loop. This will go a long way to strengthening the relationship between you and the brand evangelists. 

5. Honest and seamless communication 

Use your ambassadors to elicit feedback from your existing and prospective customers. Encourage them to stimulate and communicate outstanding positive and negative consumer comments about your business, products or services. Such information can help you and your marketing department to devise more effective strategies for improving on various areas regarding your business. Also, let your brand ambassadors know that you are fully okay with them conversing about your brand without bias. Don’t forget to respond to them when they give such feedbacks. 

Having put the above factors into consideration, you should have a brand ambassador programme that helps move forward to your organization’s goals. Do you need help in creating or running a successful brand ambassador program? Do you need help identifying and recruiting ambassadors from your community of loyal customers? If you do, let Pukket guide you through that as we have a fully automated ambassador management platform for your needs.