word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Definition and Importance

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How to manage UGC

What Is User-Generated Content and Why It Is Important

With the ever-growing popularity of social media platforms and almost everyone having a smartphone these days, every person is a potential content creator. Long gone are the days when only professional photographers, video-makers and writers could produce content for people … Read More

Customer loyalty

What Is Customer Loyalty and How to Build It

Customer loyalty is one of those concepts that all businesses need to pay close attention to, despite their company size. The level of your customer loyalty significantly impacts how well your business does. Businesses need to care about customer loyalty … Read More

What Is Community Marketing? A Complete Guide

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Brand advocacy

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy is probably one of the oldest marketing strategies in the world. Throughout history, we humans learned to rely on each other’s experiences and make decisions based on the trust we put in our friends, family members and network. … Read More

4 Advocacy Marketing Strategies That Work

Advocacy marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends in the marketing industry in 2022. Although hardly a new marketing tactic, many brands are just now realizing its true potential. There are different advocacy marketing strategies that brands can use to … Read More

Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager vs Community Manager

How is social media management different from community management? With the growing popularity of social media, more and more brands have decided to be present on various social media platforms in the past decade. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find … Read More

Influencer marketing alternatives

4 Alternatives to Influencer Marketing

Considering how prevalent influencer marketing has become nowadays, it is difficult to believe there was a time when people used to laugh at paying huge sums of money to people on social media for promotion. But, that kind of thinking … Read More

Community Manager

What Does a Community Manager Do?

In recent years, various companies from different industries have become increasingly interested in building online communities. These brands have created their one-of-a-kind online communities to nurture inspiring environments around their products and services with the goal of keeping their most … Read More

6 Tips to Improve How You Manage Your Community

As a community manager trying to manage a community of advocates, there are many tasks that need to be done. You can improve how you manage your community of advocates with these six tips! One of the marketing trends that … Read More