How to plan the timing of your challenge on Pukket

There are several factors that play a role in the success challenges designed for your brand’s community of advocates. As members of the marketing or communication departments, it is your responsibility to design the challenge in a way that engages more people and inspires more users to participate in it. One of the most important […]

Do you wish to improve your photography skills in a short time? This article provides you 10 most amazing photography tips on how to take a high-quality picture. The tips are highly recommended by skillful photographers. High-quality pictures can enhance the engagement of your page and the number of followers. Moreover, it has a direct […]

Do you need help creating your first challenge on Pukket? Worry no more, we are here to guide you through every step of the way. With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to use Pukket to create, monitor, and manage your challenges and your community of advocates!So, let’s dive in!In this article, we are […]

It is widely established that Millennials and Gen Z expect their favourite brands to appreciate them for their engagements on social media. This creates brand affinity as they are acknowledged by the brands they love through their participation. A rewarding relationship always lasts longer. At Pukket we have developed a fully customisable point-based system for […]

Please fill in the form below and inform us of your preferences for indentifying and onboarding your brand advocates. We will then customise our AI engine to take into account your crieteria for advocate identification and onboarding.

Are you struggling to produce quality content for your day to day brand activities? With most teams working remotely, it is difficult to coordinate and produce quality branded-content. But what if you could outsource content creation to the same people who buy your products and services? Here’s why outsourcing UGC Matters During COVID-19 Lockdown. Have […]

influencers and advocacy at scale

Influencers: Mega, Micro, Nano. What Next? From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, influencer marketing has become a trendy marketing channel for brand building and raising awareness. The industry is growing at a very rapid pace, and experts are estimating it to hit 10 billion dollars by 2020. Besides,  almost 60% of marketers have increased their 2019 influencer marketing spending. […]

community marketing

Just like the way you need friends and family in your social circle, a business also requires a community to interact with for support in business. Nearly every successful organization integrates community engagement initiatives in order to increase loyalty, advocacy and brand affinity. This brings about the concept of community marketing. This form of marketing […]