Do you need help creating your first challenge on Pukket? Worry no more, we are here to guide you through every step of the way. With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to use Pukket to create, monitor, and manage your challenges and your community of advocates!
So, let’s dive in!
In this article, we are discussing the following:
• Step 1. Identifying Your Brand’s Advocates
• Step 2. Moderate & Contact Potential Advocates
• Step 3. Creating Challenges
• Step 4. Setting the Rewards
• Step 5. Monitoring the Analytics
So, if you want to jump any of these steps and get to a specific step, go ahead!

Step 1. Identifying Your Brand’s Advocates

Identifying the potential members of your community of advocates is key in creating a campaign; you cannot start an advocacy campaign if you don’t know who your advocates are! Your advocates are those who have already purchased your product or service, willing to recommend it to their friends and family. However, finding such people can be a difficult task. Worry no more, Pukket is here to help you!

Using Pukket to manage your community of advocates is easy. By using hashtags, mentions, and comments, Pukket’s algorithm actively scans thousands of posts and detects the users that are talking about your brand. Pukket’s artificial intelligence has the ability to detect a wide range of insights and analytics including:

  • Location Tracking
  • Logo & Object Detection
  • Product Placement Identification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Visual & Textual Analysis
  • Reach & Engagement Tracking

In order for Pukket to review and identify potential advocates, you have to connect your Facebook business account to Pukket. To do this, select “Community Onboarding” on the left menu under the “Community” tab. Then click on the “Connect” button and log in to your chosen account.

Community onboarding page on Pukket
Community Onboarding Page on Pukket

Step 2. Moderate & Contact Potential Advocates

Once Pukket identifies users that have engaged with your brand in the past, it’s time to go through their accounts and vet potential candidates. To manage your community of advocates, we at Pukket, moderate these users’ profiles and pieces of content automatically based on the tone of voice guidelines you have submitted to us. Once approved, we send them an invitation message to join your brand’s community of advocates, where they earn rewards for creating and publishing content.    

If your brand is international and you’d like to run campaigns across multiple regions, you can divide your identified customers based on their location and create a community of advocates for each location. Using Pukket, you can manage more than one community of advocates. To create more communities, go to the “Community Page” under the “Community” tab and click on “Add New Community“.

Community page on Pukket
Community Page on Pukket

Step 3. Creating Challenges

Once your advocates start joining your community, the next task is to engage them with seasonal challenges and activations.  IT’S TIME TO CREATE A CHALLENGE!

Challenges page on Pukket
Challenges Page on Pukket

To create a challenge, you need to click on “Challenges” under the “Community” tab on the menu on the left. Then click on the “Add A New Challenge“.

New challenges page on Pukket
New Challenges Page on Pukket

Enter the title of your challenge in “Challenge Name” box. Your challenge name should be something brief and clear. A name that is too long or vague might confuse your community of advocates.

After choosing a name, you can set up the start and end date of your challenge. To see the dates on a calendar, click on the small calendar icons next to the date boxes. Here you can choose your preferred start and end dates on the calendar. Remember not to select a very short period of time since your advocates need an adequate amount of time to get inspired, ideate, and create high-quality content.

Use the calendar for setting the start and end date of challenges on Pukket
You can select the start and end date of your challenge on a calendar.

The next step is to upload a challenge picture. You can choose from the images that are on your computer. Just click on “Upload Image” and select this challenge’s picture. It is best if you choose an image that is related to the topic of your challenge. The image you choose should have a 13/7 ratio with a minimum of 780*420 px. In addition, it should be no larger than 2MB.

Challenge details on Pukket
Challenge Details

In the next box, you can tell your community what type of content you would love to see from them! To get them going and inspire them, you can write a few content ideas in this box. Here is your chance to talk to your community and describe what is important to your brand. So be sure to write a clear text that is easy to understand. This will prevent miscommunication and get the best possible results from this challenge.

Next are the hashtags the advocates in your community need to use to participate in this challenge and get rewarded. Pro tip: before choosing a hashtag, look the hashtag up on social media platforms and make sure that they’re unique and nobody is using them. Also, try to stick to one hashtag as well as your mention to increase uptake by your community.

At Pukket, users can receive points for their content periodically. We’ve created this platform to be a powerful and effective marketing tool to help you create awareness for your product or service in the most authentic way. To achieve these goals, Pukket is equipped with a feature that prevents users to spam their followers with numerous content about your brand to just collect more points and thus, more rewards. Using Pukket, you can manage how your community of advocates is rewarded. You can decide at what intervals you want to reward your community for their pieces of content. We at Pukket suggest that you don’t pick intervals that are too short to maintain the effectiveness of the content that your community creates. The perfect interval is one post every 3-7 days.

Setting the challenge intervals on Pukket
Challenge Intervals

Next are the house rules. We understand that your brand has a reputation to maintain and a specific message to broadcast to the world. And as a member of the marketing team, it is your job to make sure that your reputation is intact and your message is fully communicated to others. By setting some house rules, you can protect your brand’s reputation and be sure that your community of advocates are sending the correct message.

Here, you can include the guidelines that are important to your brand, all the MUST HAVEs and MUST NOT HAVEs! If you want your brand’s logo to appear in the pictures and videos, want your advocates to write about a specific theme in their captions or mention and tag your account in their content, here is the place to mention them all. If advocates’ pieces of content lack the specific rules you have set up, their content will be rejected, and they receive no points for them.

When you finish setting up the challenge and filled all the sections, save it. All the challenges need to be approved by Pukket in line with our policy. The approval process may take up to 24 hours.

Step 4. Setting the Rewards

After creating a challenge, you need to use Pukket to set and manage the rewards you want to give to your community of advocates. To do this, on the left menu, click on the “Reward Stock” under the “Rewards” tab. You can set the minimum and maximum amount that you want to reward your advocates for each of their content. Please note that you cannot set the minimum to less than £5 (or equivalent in other currencies). This is because it may demotivate your community of advocates. We’ve written a highly informative post about rewarding your community of advocates on Pukket, click here to read it.

Reward stock page on Pukket
Reward Stock Page on Pukket

Now that you have set the minimum and maximum amount of the rewards, it’s time to build your reward stock! You can offer a variety of rewards at different values to your advocates to keep them engaged in the community.

To add a reward to your reward stock, click on the “Upload Rewards” button.

Reward setting page on Pukket
Reward Setting

Choose a name for the reward you want to add, for example, £25 Amazon Gift Card. Then upload an image for the reward.

Reward details
Reward Details

Then, in the “Terms & Conditions” box, write down any conditions that users need to know when redeeming this reward. Fill in the “How to Redeem” box and state the location in the “Location” box.

Reward terms & conditions
Reward Terms & Conditions

Next step is setting the value and quantity of the reward. Please note that quantity will automatically change as you input codes separated by comma. Please enter the voucher codes or any other messages that you wish your community of advocates to see when they purchase this reward in the box below.

Setting reward's value and quantity
Setting reward’s value and quantity

And remember to save it after you are done!

It is always a good idea to keep track of the rewards and monitor how many are sold. This way you can add more when necessary. To have a look at your reward stock, click on the “Reward Stats” under the “Rewards” tab.

Reward stats page on Pukket
Reward Stats

Here you can see the total value of your stock. You can also see how many rewards are sold and how many customers have purchased your rewards with their points. In addition, you can see how many of each reward you have left. We will send you email notifications when your reward stock reaches a critical point so that you can top it up.

At the end of this page, you can see the list of purchased rewards along with users who have purchased them.

Reward purchase history on Pukket
Reward Purchase History on Pukket

Step 5. Monitoring the Analytics

Now that you have your challenge in place and have set up your rewards, the advocates in your community start posting content. You can monitor your community of advocates and their pieces of content under the Analytics” tab. Clicking on “Overview” shows you an overview of your community of advocates’ status and the content they have posted about your brand.

On this page, you can see how many users have been identified and how many of them have joined your community. In addition, you can see the total number of posts, their engagements, and average engagement rate for these posts.

Overview page on Pukket
Overview Page on Pukket

Further down this page, you will have the list of all pieces of content created by your community. Clicking on each post takes you to the same post on Instagram.

Advocates' Posts on Pukket
Advocates’ Posts on Pukket

And after that, you can see three charts showing you stats about Engagement, Posts and Advocates.

Monitor analytics on Pukket

On the “Content Analytics” page, you can find valuable insights about the pieces of content created by your community. Using AI, Pukket analyzes all the pieces of content to find out how people are sharing and talking about your brand. These insights will help you in your strategic, social, and organic marketing efforts.

Image analysis on Pukket
Image Analysis
Advocates' posts' analysis on Pukket
Post Analysis

The last part on the “Analytics” tab is “Community Stats“. On this page, you can find the necessary informaiton about the people who form your community of advocates. A chart here shows you how many new advocates have joined your community and how many of the total number of advocates are returning to the community by publishing more content for you.

Community analysis page on Pukket
Community Analysis

Pukket also provides you with an “Advocacy Leaderboard” where you can see the most active and engaged community members.

Advocacy leaderboard on Pukket
Advocacy Leaderboard

Please feel free to get in touch with us via emails with any questions you may have through support (at)