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In recent years, various companies from different industries have become increasingly interested in building online communities. These brands have created their one-of-a-kind online communities to nurture inspiring environments around their products and services with the goal of keeping their most loyal customers engaged with their brand. Because of this new interest in hosting online communities, the number of new job openings with the title of community manager has increased in recent years.

In this article, we will talk about the role of community managers in detail and discuss how this role fits within the marketing team and what exactly their jobs entail.

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What exactly is a community manager?

A community manager is an essential part of any firm’s marketing team and is tasked with the management and development of a company’s community.

Traditionally, a community manager acts as the liaison between an organization and its audience. Essentially, a community manager’s goal is to engage with a brand’s customers. The engagement itself can take different forms. Community managers might need to attend in-person events, or they might interact with people solely virtually or online.

Community managers also help companies build brand personality. This can be done by using the right tone of voice and establishing a unique relationship with the brand’s audience. They also cultivate trust, which will lead to increased awareness and improve company performance.

Besides keeping the audience engaged, community managers try to create an inspiring atmosphere for community members.

Community managers’ job description and responsibilities

Just like most modern marketing roles, community managers have various responsibilities. In the following section, we discuss the responsibilities of community managers and their job descriptions.


The primary responsibility of a community manager is communication. A community manager is a bridge between a brand and its audience. They pass on what a brand needs to say to its audience and transfer the feedback from the audience to the brand.

But conveying messages is not all they do. Community managers also try to keep their community members engaged. They try to build lasting relationships with their brand’s customers and make meaningful connections.

Moderating and monitoring

Community moderation is one of community managers’ other responsibilities. This task includes deciding who to invite to the community. They also the guidelines for the communities of the brands they represent.

Moreover, community managers monitor their communities regularly. They need to constantly keep an eye on their communities and want their community members to be as engaged as possible while staying within the boundaries and guidelines set out.

Content creation

Sometimes, if the marketing team is still small, community managers also create content for their communities. In order to keep their audience engaged, brands need to provide appropriate content for their fans and loyal customers.

Planning when and what to publish in a community is part of the content creation process, too. Community managers often create content calendars and schedule content in advance.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential task in community management’s daily routine. Community members face many problems on a daily basis, and they often turn to community managers for help.

The problems that community members face vary, from technical issues when they try to join a community to problems with products. Community managers answer customers’ questions and try to solve their problems.

Data analysis

Almost every marketing position has a data analysis responsibility, and community management is no different. Data analysis is necessary to assess how a community is performing. It helps community managers to spot the problems and try to solve them. Community managers need to regularly analyse their communities if they want to see them prosper and grow.

What skills should a community manager have?

Every marketing position requires a unique set of skills to be done well. Since community managers are in direct contact with the audiences, they need to have particular skills to succeed in this role. These skills include:

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

As mentioned earlier, community management primarily consists of communicating with audiences. This means that people in this role need to have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

A part of knowing how to communicate with community members is understanding the audience. A community manager needs to understand their audience and choose their tone and wording carefully to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

Being passionate about the community

Creating and developing a community is a time-consuming and challenging task. Community management is something that requires real passion because a lot of careful planning and communication are needed to build an engaged and prospering community.


Community managers have a lot of duties and responsibilities. Therefore, it is important that they are comfortable with multi-tasking and can juggle different tasks at any one time.

Exceptional organisational skills

Since they have a lot of responsibilities and they have a direct relationship with customers, community managers need to be exceptionally organised. They need to know how to keep track of their duties and know which tasks to prioritise. They also need to be able to handle fast-paced workloads when needed.

Problem-solving and conflict resolution

People turn to community managers for help when they face problems. This is why community managers need to have a problem-solving attitude. Moreover, sometimes conflicts arise, which is why they must have conflict resolution skills to diffuse tense situations with customers or potential customers online.

Having an eye for details

When building relationships with humans, details are important. A great community manager is someone who pays attention to details because the small details are what create lasting impressions on the members of the community.

Social media savvy

Today, business is heavily influenced by social media. Community management happens in different forms and on various platforms. Great community managers understand how social media work in order to learn how to use them to their advantage. They need to have social media know-how to be able to manage a community effectively.


We live in an unpredictable world, and a lot of things happen that are out of our control. Humans cannot control the future, but they can control how to respond to it. A good community manager is someone who is adaptable and is always ready for the unexpected.

Being flexible and versatile are skills that community managers need to have since the industry is constantly changing, and they need to adapt quickly and learn fast.

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