community of advocates

When you first start building your community of advocates using Pukket, there are a lot of different tasks going on behind the scenes. We at Pukket start going through your followers to identify potential advocates to invite to your community. We also go through your brand’s specific hashtags and your posts’ interactions.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different stages of building your community of advocates and what to expect from your community in the first 4 months of building it. We have provided a detailed timeline to show you what activities we are working on behind the scenes and how we are building your community of advocates.

So, let’s get started!

The First Month

The first month is usually the time we start setting up your brand’s account. It is also the time we invite the first advocates to your brand’s community of advocates.

The first two weeks of the first month are dedicated to onboarding advocates to your community. With the help of our powerful AI assistant, we at Pukket go through your followers to identify those who can create high value content for your brand. Then, we start inviting them to your community of advocates. The goal is to have 60-70 onboarded advocates in the first two weeks.

In the remaining weeks of the first month, we continue inviting and onboarding advocates to your community. The goal is to reach 100 advocates in the first month. Besides continuing onboarding activities, these two weeks are the perfect time to start training the members of your community of advocates. This is why we start creating community groups.

We create these groups in order to train the members of your community of advocates. Through these groups, we aim to directly communicate with the members of your community of advocates. These groups help us to convey exactly what type of content your brand expects them to create.

At the end of the first month, we expect to have around 30 user-generated content.

The Second Month

At the beginning of the second month, the onboarding process ends. However, we continue creating community groups for the members that have joined your community of advocates later than most.

For the second month, we mainly focus on training the members of your community and collecting more UGCs. At the end of the second month, we expect that your community of advocates create around 70 more user-generated content for your brand.

The Third Month

The third month is the month we suggest that you create the first challenge for your community to boost UGC creating. If you want some inspiration to create your first challenge, be sure to check out this article where we talk about 6 types of advocacy marketing challenges that work best.

The communications in the community groups are still in place. We use these groups to share your members’ content with the community. This helps them get inspired and encouraged to participate in the challenge. Since your community is now established and trained, for the first challenge, we expect to receive around 100 pieces of user-generated content.

The Fourth Month

For the fourth month, we suggest that you launch your second challenge. Now the members of your community have more experience in creating effective and valuable content. For the second challenge, we expect to receive around 100 pieces of user-generated that are higher in quality, in comparison to the first challenge.

Important Point about Your Community of Advocates

Note that the timeline explained earlier is not the same for all brands. For example, if your social media account is somewhat new or your brand is just introduced to the market or you do not have an active community at the moment, you may need to work harder to create and engage your community.

One way to attract more people to your community is to partner up with influencers. Usually, influencers have an active and engaged community and you can benefit from working closely with them. You can simply ask your influencers to invite their followers to your community by participating in your advocacy campaigns and challenges. Another way is to have different rewards and prizes to interest people in your community. Announcing that on your social accounts and that you have a community of advocates for your most loyal fans on your social media accounts could also work to your benefit.

Lastly, please note that having a community of advocates is not a temporary or a short-term strategy. You need to manage your brand’s community and the members engaged consistently. If you need more information about the importance of keeping your community engaged, this article can help you.