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6 Types of Challenges That Work Best to Engage Your Community of Advocates

Many factors impact the fate of an advocacy marketing challenge. These include the timing of your challenge, how you reward your community of advocates, how you promote your challenge, and more factors may influence how successful your advocacy marketing challenge can be. One of them is the type of challenge you decide to create for your community to take part in. Although brands each have some specific and unique characteristics, there are certain advocacy marketing challenges that work pretty well for almost all brands. In this article, we will discuss the types of challenges that usually work best for brands.

Here are the different types of challenges that we will talk about in this article:

Let’s dive in!

Your challenge needs to be simple enough

Simplicity is key! The members of your community of advocates need to understand the purpose and the rules of your advocacy marketing challenge to be able to participate in it. If you set too many complex and lengthy rules for your advocacy marketing challenge, chances are that people won’t take part in it.

You need to set up a few simple and straightforward rules for your advocacy marketing challenge. When asking people what type of content to create, you should briefly explain what you expect from your advocates. If the challenge you have in mind has too many steps, consider making it more concise. Nowadays, people have an attention span shorter than a goldfish (only 8 seconds)! Therefore, you need to design your challenge as simple and straightforward way as possible. If you need more information about how to write your house rules, check out this article from Pukket blog.

Challenges that do not need specific products

One of the best types of challenges is the challenge that does not need a lot of physical stuff. Many of the advocates in your community have busy lives. They do not have the time to go out and get the products needed for a specific challenge, even though they may really like to participate in it. This is why challenges that require your community to get out there and find and get specific products usually do not work well.

Instead of creating an advocacy marketing challenge that requires too many products and other requirements that are not directly related to your brand, consider a challenge that your community can participate in with the stuff they already have in the homes or at their disposal. You may want to invest in building specific AR filters for your members to use instead.

Advocacy marketing challenges with a short time limit

For some brands, flash advocacy marketing challenges that happen for a short period of time are extremely effective. They are really engaging and can attract the advocates in your community to participate. Since this type of challenge has a time limit and happens over a short period of time, you can remind your advocates and ask them more frequently to participate.

Advocacy marketing challenges designed for a specific occasion

Different occasions are great for engaging your community of advocates. Advocacy marketing challenges that are designed around a specific occasion are often very well received by different communities. You can design your advocacy marketing challenges around very well-known holidays. This includes Christmas or Easter. You can also take advantage of some of the newly established occasions created by websites like days of the year.

People usually like to participate in holiday-themed advocacy marketing challenges. Sharing the content that your community creates for your challenge on your brand’s social media accounts can encourage the other members of your community to participate in your challenge.

Challenges with a grand prize

One of the most popular advocacy marketing challenges we will discuss in this article is the challenge with a grand prize. In this type of challenge, instead of giving small prizes for each type of content, a grand prize is awarded to a single piece of content. Many brands use this type of challenge because it is extremely popular among users. Everyone wants to get the latest iPhone for just creating and sharing a piece of content! The winner of this type of advocacy marketing challenge is usually determined by a raffle draw. However, you can also have a jury to decide the best piece of content to win the prize. Alternatively, you can reward every participant and provide a grand prize to the top participant to make the perfect combination.

Advocacy marketing challenges for a specific type of content

Another type of advocacy marketing challenge that works well is challenges that are limited to a specific type of content, such as IG Reels or Stories. In this type of challenge, you ask your community of advocates to create and share a specific type of content.

With this type of challenge, you can leverage the new features that social media platforms have. For instance, whenever Instagram launches a new feature or a new type of content, its algorithm puts more emphasis on it. It means that when you use that feature or that new type of content, that piece of content receives more engagements, reach, and impression. Consider Reels, Instagram’s recent form of content. According to Promo, the Instagram algorithm is favoring this new content type over traditional video. Therefore, advocacy marketing challenges with a specific type of content can help you reach a wider audience.