Are you struggling to produce quality content for your day to day brand activities? With most teams working remotely, it is difficult to coordinate and produce quality branded-content. But what if you could outsource content creation to the same people who buy your products and services? Here’s why outsourcing UGC Matters During COVID-19 Lockdown. Have you considered incorporating user-generated content (UGC) on your website, blog posts, emails, and/or social media? Perhaps you are here because you had it in mind but aren’t sure if you’ll gain anything significant out of it.

Before we look at why you need UGC in your marketing strategy, let’s have a look at what it constitutes. User-generated content is any form of content that’s a creation of everyday people and shared on social media. The content could be in the form of a video, picture, blog post, or a testimonial created by a consumer to promote a brand.

Savvy content marketers have realised the bread and butter in user-generated content. Over 86% of businesses incorporate this form of content marketing in their strategies. From start-ups to established businesses, the effectiveness of UGC cuts across the board. A study by Kissmetricsh shows that the top 20 leading brands in the world attribute 25% of their search results to user-generated content links. So, whether you are just beginning on your business journey or run an established enterprise, user-generated content matters for your brand. Here are some of the reasons for that:

1. Improved search engine optimization

Every marketer’s dream is to get their brand ranking high on search engine result pages. However, considering there are many factors that affect search engine optimization (SEO), getting there isn’t a walk in the park. Fortunately, various research studies, including one conducted by Kissmetrics, show that positive reviews and user-generated content created by users of a brand can improve the SEO ranking of the brand significantly. This is just one of the positive points about why UGC Matters During COVID-19 Lockdown. There are more.

2. To cultivate trust with your customers

It’s hard to win people who don’t trust you. However that’s just one of the major challenges that most of the modern-day marketers have to deal with. With the information age, consumers are bombarded with so much traditional advertising, but can only believe in just a fraction of it. They believe that brands mostly communicate biased information just to make sales, not really to satisfy their needs. That’s what you might have found out if you have been in business for some years. As a result your return on investment for your traditional ad channels such as banners ads and is declining year by year. Most of your target customers don’t trust you on the back of a banner they randomly see on the web.  

On the other hand, user-generated content is very helpful in building trustworthy relationships with your existing customers and prospects. A recent Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report indicates that 92% of the 28,000 internet respondents from 56 countries worldwide trust user-generated content other than any other advertising form. This highlights the importance of why UGC Matters During COVID-19 Lockdown.

3. Triggers valuable conversations

Gone are the days when marketing was a one-way affair. Today brands have to focus on understanding their target audience/consumers to make sure that their offerings correspond with their needs. The best way to gain helpful insights into that is by maintaining very close interactions with them. So, UGC comes handy in this as a conversation starter.

Because they see the content as trustworthy and from people they can relate to, it will encourage them to give their opinions about your brand. According to research, posts with UGC on social channels have 28% more engagement rate as compared to standard branded posts. Through the triggered conversations and feedback, you’ll be able to see where you are going right or wrong and make relevant changes where necessary.

4. UGC isCost and time-efficient

Time and money are usually the major constraints for any business. But with UGC as part of your marketing strategies, you’ll save a remarkable amount of both of them. With just a little investment (as incentives to the contributors), you can get very high-quality content within a short time. Your customers will be doing the hard work of content creation for you, and this gives you time to concentrate on other important stuff.

5. For improved growth and reach on Social Media During the Lockdown

Posts by customers on social media increase brand presence on social media platforms. Testimonials and reviews by your customers go a long way to attracting people around them to your social media platforms. This is as a result of the trust that UGC elicits as previously explained.

With time, you’ll have a large fan base, increasing your chances of having increased lead conversion. A combination of a strong UGC campaign and a strong social media platform is key to achieving your target customer base. 

6. Increased sales amid Covid-19

When customers trust you, it’ll be very easy to close sales with them. That’s why, according to CrowdTap, 59% of millennials reported that UGC informs their buying decisions while purchasing electronics. Also, 54% of the millennials who responded to the survey said that they rely on UGC when they want to buy cars. So, for a boost on your sales, you should consider encouraging your customers to create and share content about their experiences with your brand/products. Then, use the content generated to support your promotional content.

There are lots of ways in which your brand stands to benefit from user-generated content. Stay competitive and relevant by launching your UGC program today. At Pukket we can help you scan social media databases, identify you brand fans, onboard them through an unbranded chatbot, automatically reward them and engage them over the long term for the purpose of content creation. This is what we call community building and management. Visit Pukket business page for more information.