what to expect from your community of advocates

Your community of advocates is a great place to promote brand loyalty and build long-lasting relationships with your brand’s most avid supporters. With the help of a community of advocates, you can share your brand’s story in a more authentic way. You can reach a wider audience more quickly and get the word out about your products and services.

However, simply creating a community is not enough to leverage all the benefits of having that community. You need to engage your community of advocates in various ways. You need to interact with your community and guide their passions for your brand in the direction you desire. One way to keep your community engaged is through advocacy challenges. Pukket allows you to create diverse and engaging advocacy marketing challenges for your community of advocates. If you want to know more about different types of advocacy marketing challenges that work really well, be sure to take a look at this article!

But for this article, we will go through the reasons why you should engage with your community of advocates. We will cover the following:

So, let’s get going!

The value of word of mouth in your community of advocates

Junior or senior, every marketer out there is aware of the value word of mouth creates for businesses. A report by Nielsen shows that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more so than advertising. This clearly indicates that word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing.

Having an engaged community of advocates allows you to introduce your products or services to a wide range of people in an authentic and organic way. When you keep your most loyal customers engaged in your community of advocates, they talk more about your brand with their friends and family.

Feedback from your community of advocates

Engaging with your brand’s community of advocates is an amazing opportunity to get feedback about your products or services. Pukket only invites the users who love your brand and talk about it online to your community of advocates. This is why your community is a great place to receive feedback from your most passionate supporters. These advocates are the people who care about your products and services. Therefore, keeping them engaged in your community will allow you to constantly receive feedback from them. The only way to make your products better is to make small improvements constantly. And getting direct feedback from your loyal customers can definitely help you in that direction!

Creating organic buzz when releasing new products or services

Every brand wants to create a buzz and get the word out about their new products or services. Many brands only use paid methods. But having an engaged community allows you to create organic buzz around your new products. Your loyal customers and avid advocates will get the word out if you keep them engaged and interact with them regularly.

Building even more meaningful relationships

The users who are invited to your community of advocates already care a great deal about your brand. They have used your products and services and liked them so much that they decided to express their satisfaction online. Your brand has created a pleasant experience for them so far. Furthermore, you have successfully built a good relationship with them.

However, you can still make your relationship with your loyal customers and brand advocates deeper; this can be done by keeping your community engaged. Interacting with your community regularly allows you to deepen your connection with your advocates and make it more meaningful. More meaningful relationships can result in more loyalty from your advocates.

User-generated content

One of the most important benefits of keeping your community engaged is that they will produce high-quality content for you. By holding advocacy marketing challenges regularly, you can receive authentic and creative content from your advocates. This is a very cost-effective way to produce relevant content for your brand.

You can use the content your community creates in your brand’s other marketing efforts such as newsletters and website. Pukket takes care of the legalities for you! 😉

Saving all the effort you have made to create your community

The last reason why we strongly recommend keeping your community of advocates engaged is that you have spent a lot of time, effort, and money on creating it. Therefore, it is not a good idea to let it sit somewhere and not capitalize on it. As explained above, your community of advocates provides a great deal of opportunities for your brand. So, make sure that you keep your avid advocates and loyal customers engaged with regular challenges and campaigns. If you are looking for inspiration, check out this article on Pukket blog. We have gathered some of the challenge ideas that work best on Pukket.