Pukket: Your Automated

Community Marketing Platform

User-Generated Content 

Let your customers (or employees) create 10x more impactful content than branded or influencer content

Automated Moderation


We will automatically detect people who are posting about you on social media with relevant #, @ or visual product placement

Run & Manage Contests


Run photo contests or manage your brand ambassador and advocacy programs through your super fans

Unbranded Communication


Use our unbranded chatbot to automatically communicate with your community on social media

Trusted By

Encourage Advocacy

People Trust People

Consumers trust content shared by their friends and family on social media platforms more than anything else on the web.

A Marketing That's Not Marketing

Customers sharing their stories isn't marketing, it's life. Mass-consumers are craving authenticity. Don't bombard them with ads, empower them instead.

Best Stories Are Real

Brands are all about stories these days. Make your customers be part of the wider story. Their stories are real and honest.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth

Recommendations, reviews and shared experiences are so powerful. Get your customers talk about you on social media after using your products and services.

Pukket Enables Your Brand to

Drive Awareness

Your advocates will bring exposure and awareness to your brand. We will moderate their posts for you automatically

Acquire Content

Crowdsource a diverse and authentic range of contnet from your community of advocates. Get automatic Copy Right permission to use them.

Automatically Manage

Running customer advocacy and brand ambassador schemes on social media has never been easier with our tracking tools

Go for Scalability

With our fully automated advocacy management platform, streamline your processes, save time and allow for scalability of your initiatives

YOUR WEB AND MOBILE Management Platform

Detailed Analytics, Customer Posts, Voucher Scanning & Management

How Pukket Works


Create an Account

Set up your account in 10 mins. Top up your account with Pukket points by bringing your vouchers to our store







Get the Word Out to Your Customers

Notify your customers about your campaign through newsletters, email, social media accounts, leaflets and any other touchpoints you may have with them









Rewards and Analytics

Customers will spend their Pukket points on the vouchers on our store. You then get to see all the analytics and reports on the content and conversations created around your brand




Who's this for?

Medium to Large Consumer and B2C brands

  1. As long as your brand has a visual appeal for people to share it on social media, you're the right fit to use Pukket.
  2. On the left is an example of a post shared by an everyday person, creating authentic word-of-mouth at scale on social media.
  3. You no longer need to work with costly influencers. Encourage your own customers to share their experiences and reward them to achieve higher customer loyalty. 

People Are Authentic

Some of the posts shared by everyday users on social media

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How did you hear about us?

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