Pukket Business

Create Word-of-Mouth at Scale 

on Social Media 

Customer-Generated Content 


Authentic Word-of-Mouth created by your customers is 10x more impactful than branded-content & 4x better than Influencer Content



Increase customer loyalty by 60% and make them your advocates when you reward them for their posts

Reduce Your Cost


Reduce content creation and promotion costs to 1/50th (compared to both branded and influencer contents)

Be Authentic


Consumers are craving authenticity. Encourage your customers tell their friends & family how good your brand is

Who’s this for?

Medium to Large Consumer and B2C brands

  1. As long as your brand as a visual appeal for people to share it on Instagram, you’re the right fit to use Pukket. We recommend that you have a community of 10k followers and customers for your brand so that you can start engaging them on our socal rewards and loyalty system. 
  2. On the left is an example of a post shared by an everyday person, creating a much-needed UGC and word-of-mouth on social media.
  3. You no longer need to work with costly influencers. Encourage your own customers to share their experiences and reward them to achieve higher customer loyalty. 


Detailed Analytics, Customer Posts, Voucher Scanning & Management

Adapt to Changing

Consumer Behaviour

“Public attitudes have changed dramatically, and brands need to recognise this or risk being left behind.”

Andy Atkinson, CRO at Reach plc

Use Pukket as your loyalty point system to reward customers’ social media posts 

How Pukket Works


Create an Account

We will set up your brand page on the Pukket platform. You then top up your account by purchasing bundles of Pukket points based on number of customers you have.








Encourage Your Customers

Encourage your community of customers (or employees) to share their authentic posts about your brand on Instagram. They collect your Pukket points.









Get Going 

As customers start sharing brand experiences, you get to see all the analytics, reports and insight into their posts and conversations.






Pukket Subscriptions

Present in the UK and Germany (Currencies may differ)



Up to (pm): 

  • 2,500 Engagements
  • 80-100 Posts by Customers 
  • You will bring €100 of vouchers (20% commission applies to their sale)
  • worth of vouchers to our store
  • You get 500 Pukket points 
  • Access to Pukket Business App   


Let’s Chat

  • Prices start at €200 per month (with a CPE of €0.04-€0.08)
  • Your subscription is based on your usage and needs
  • Access to Pukket Business App
  • Access to Pukket Web Panel


These prices are at least 7x lower than Influencer Marketing solutions out there.

This is despite User-Generated Content outperforming influencer content by 4x

Your Web-Dashboard & Business App 

Use our platform to issue and scan QR code vouchers 

See all Instagram posts created for you on the web and on your mobile

Review stats on your user-generated content

Engage with your most loyal customers

Get higher visibility to thousands of millennials

All types of vouchers supported

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