best online community platform

The Best Online Community Platform for You

Do you ever wish to have a place to host your army of customers who would protect you on a rainy day when your reputation is in danger? What if you don’t need to start from scratch every time you … Read More

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What Is Community Marketing? A Complete Guide

Community marketing has become one of the buzzwords in the marketing realm. Nowadays, many brands have started seeing the power of communities for themselves and tapping into community marketing’s potential. But what exactly is community marketing, and how brands can … Read More

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Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager vs Community Manager

How is social media management different from community management? With the growing popularity of social media, more and more brands have decided to be present on various social media platforms in the past decade. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find … Read More

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Community Manager

What Does a Community Manager Do?

In recent years, various companies from different industries have become increasingly interested in building online communities. These brands have created their one-of-a-kind online communities to nurture inspiring environments around their products and services with the goal of keeping their most … Read More

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6 Tips to Improve How You Manage Your Community

As a community manager trying to manage a community of advocates, there are many tasks that need to be done. You can improve how you manage your community of advocates with these six tips! One of the marketing trends that … Read More

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How to Create Value with Your Community of Advocates

4 ways advocacy marketing can help you create value Advocacy marketing is one of the terms that has gained a lot of popularity among many marketers in recent years. Advocacy marketing goes hand in hand with online communities that brands … Read More

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How to handle negative feedback

How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

9 tips to respond to negative comments on social media Since gaining popularity, social media has offered countless possibilities for brands. Nowadays, many brands interact with their customers and brand advocates on social media and keep their online communities engaged. … Read More

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customer engagement

How to Increase Customer Engagement

8 ways to improve customer engagement Customer engagement is a concept that has been used for many years by many successful marketers. This is because customer engagement drives the success, product development and overall growth of a business. A study … Read More

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How to build an online community

Online Community: What It Is & How to Build One

Communities surround us. From the moment we are born, we become members of several communities. These communities could be made up of our family members, friends or people who share a specific interest.  An online community is not so different … Read More

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run advocacy marketing

Run Advocacy Marketing with an Inactive Community

5 Tips to Make Your Community of Advocates More Active The competition for getting the customers’ attention has never been this fierce. Nowadays, every brand is trying to reach more people and convey its message to a new audience. Implementing … Read More

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