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Brand advocacy

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy is probably one of the oldest marketing strategies in the world. Throughout history, we humans learned to rely on each other’s experiences and make decisions based on the trust we put in our friends, family members and network. … Read More

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4 Advocacy Marketing Strategies That Work

Advocacy marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends in the marketing industry in 2022. Although hardly a new marketing tactic, many brands are just now realizing its true potential. There are different advocacy marketing strategies that brands can use to … Read More

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Show advocacy marketing

Advocacy Marketing, What It Is & Why You Should Do It

As someone working in marketing, you must have heard it too! Advocacy marketing is one of the rising marketing trends of 2022. Advocacy marketing is one of the effective strategies that marketers rarely focus on. This is why if you … Read More

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Influencer marketing vs advocacy marketing

Influencer Marketing VS. Advocacy Marketing

In the digital era, marketing has become a very challenging and complicated task. Now, marketers have multiple channels to choose from and numerous strategies to use in order to introduce their products to more people and attract a wider audience. … Read More

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run advocacy marketing

Run Advocacy Marketing with an Inactive Community

5 Tips to Make Your Community of Advocates More Active The competition for getting the customers’ attention has never been this fierce. Nowadays, every brand is trying to reach more people and convey its message to a new audience. Implementing … Read More

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community of advocates

What to Expect from Your Community of Advocates

When you first start building your community of advocates using Pukket, there are a lot of different tasks going on behind the scenes. We at Pukket start going through your followers to identify potential advocates to invite to your community. … Read More

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what to expect from your community of advocates

Why You Should Engage Your Community of Advocates

Your community of advocates is a great place to promote brand loyalty and build long-lasting relationships with your brand’s most avid supporters. With the help of a community of advocates, you can share your brand’s story in a more authentic … Read More

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advocacy marketing challenges

What Type of Advocacy Marketing Challenge Works Best?

6 Types of Challenges That Work Best to Engage Your Community of Advocates Many factors impact the fate of an advocacy marketing challenge. These include the timing of your challenge, how you reward your community of advocates, how you promote … Read More

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How to monitor you advocacy marketing challenge on Pukket

Monitoring an Advocacy Marketing Challenge on Pukket

As a social media, community, or marketing manager, one of your main areas of responsibility is to create different campaigns and various challenges including advocacy marketing challenges to promote your brand, boost sales or create awareness. However, your job is … Read More

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Promoting your advocacy marketing challenge

How to promote your advocacy marketing challenge

6 effective strategies to promote your community of advocates’ challenge to reach a wider audience One of the biggest dreams of every community manager is running a successful community challenge and getting as many people involved in an advocacy marketing … Read More

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