Please note that Pukket is only available to genuine personal profiles. Profiles dedicated to blogging, influencers, businesses, diaries, non-personal profile images or IDs may be blocked. Our aim is to make social media a more authentic and rewarding place for the everyday people and to do so we have to stay true to this message.

How does Pukket work?

  1. You link your Instagram account to your Pukket app
  2. Start sharing your everyday experiences (posts only) with @thePukket and the right hashtags on Instagram
  3. Get rewarded with Pukket points and then spend them on vouchers

What does Pukket do?

We’re a platform that helps you get rewarded when you give brands the privilege of being in your posts. Once you connect your Instagram profile, Pukket scans your posts for brand hashtags and if a relevant post is found, you get credits called Pukkets. You can then use these Pukkets to buy products and vouchers available on the app.

Why my post doesn't show up in on the My Post page?

It usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes to detect and show your post on the My Post page. Make sure you have used the right hashtags/mentions.

Will my information and details be shared with the brands?

Absolutely not. Users data privacy is very important to us. Your data is stored safely and not shared with anyone else, so you can carry on sharing life’s precious moments with friends and family and receive your rewards without worrying.

What platforms does Pukket work with?

For now, we’re only working with Instagram. After all, that’s where a lot of us post about our experiences. Nevertheless, we have some awesome platforms lined up and will announce them in due time.

Do Instagram Videos and Stories count?

Not at the moment, only your single photos count in the Beta version. Other forms to be added soon.

Can I collect Pukkets from more than one brand?

Absolutely. All your Pukkets will add up. But each post must be dedicated to one brand-related experience, so please don't put different brand hashtags on one post as only 1 of them may get approved and you risk getting the post declined as well. In such cases, you would be limited to post about all those brands for the time restriction per post for that brand. Please refer to house rules for each brand on that page.

Can I post more than once about a brand and collect the Pukkets?

Yes, but only once within 24 hours and posts Rewarded by @thePukket (other cafes and restaurant which are not on our platform) will be accepted once a week only to give everyone a fair chance of claiming the vouchers. 1 brand per post please.

Can I spend my Pukkets collected from Brand A on Brand B’s vouchers?

Yes, 100%. You have the choice to spend them on whatever you want on the app.

How do you measure performance of our post?

We have an industry leading formula developed after months of research. The number of Pukkets you get depends on the visual quality of your post, the comments and likes you receive. Also, adding your location, and mentioning brands using their social handle ‘@’ give you extra Pukkets.

Can I post about my experiences outside the UK?

Not at the moment. The platform is only available to users within the UK and those brands within the UK too. Users and posts from experiences outside the UK will be declined.

I'm an influencer/blogger, can I join Pukket?

Not unfortunately. We do not serve that market and there are many alternatives for influencers and bloggers out there. We will be declining users upon on-boarding if we realise they dedicate their Instagram page to blogging about food, travelling etc. Sorry

Why didn’t my post qualify for Pukkets?

Please ensure the brand you posted about is on our platform and has enough Pukkets in their account to give you. Also, make sure you use the hashtag or the social handle of the brand for us to detect your post.

How long does it take for my posts to receive their Pukkets?

It takes 24 hours for us to validate and evaluate the performance of your posts.

How can I see the progress of my posts?

Go to ‘My Posts’ tab and you can view the progress of the posts.

Do vouchers have an expiry date?

Each voucher or product is different, please read the terms and conditions at the time of the purchase.

How can I use the vouchers?

It will differ for each brand. Some will give you a code to use, some may give you a QR code to take to their shops and scan it in-store.

Do my old brand-related posts count?

Yes, that’s if you have a recent brand-related post within the last 24 hours. We will pick it up if you used a hashtag relating to our partner brands. The posts older than 24 hours will not qualify.