How it works

How it Works

Here's what you can expect from our social selling program

With the end of 3rd party cookies and the rise of social commerce, social channels of sales are seen as the main drivers of revenue going forward.

But where do you start and get your community to promote you on socials with the aim of generating sales? Pukket provides you with a brand dashboard and community platform to make this possible.

Let us take you through Pukket's mechanism:


Community building starts with identifying & onboarding users

Plugging in

Pukket app integrates with your ecommerce store and social accounts


We go through your social accounts to qualify your true brand fans, and analyse your CRM to find your most active customers for onboarding


Personalised DM Messages are are sent from your brand's social account to invite fans from social channels. Post-purchase pop ups are also used to onboard users from your ecommerce store


Users go to brand's community landing page (through a subdomain e.g. community.brandURL.com) to join the community. Our single sign-on allows for a seamless onboarding using their CRM credentials

Social Selling Program

Offering a variety of growth-centred opportunities to users


Upon arriving in the community, each user is presented with a personalised social selling opportunity to participate in. This includes referral and UGC activities within a limited period of time


Users will earn point for their participation in the social selling opportunities. This can include include points for web impressions, customer referrals, UGC output and engagement


The collected points can then be spent on rewards provided through your ecommerce store. Rewards are automatically created and distributed via using your ecommerce integration (e.g. $20 voucher codes)

Community Piece

Users can chat among each other before, during and after their participation in each social selling opportunitty to create a community feeling. Their UGCs and impact will be shared to show their progress towards the community goal

Brand Dashboard

Full customisation and community control at the tip of your fingers


Share posts, send messages and reply to questions from your community members through your dashboard


Track the traffic, referrals, UGCs and sales generated through the social selling program in one dashboard

Program Control

Control the number of opportunities members see, the minimum and maximum amount of rewards members are given for their participation, create ad hoc oportunities and more

Manage Content Creators

Get those customers who are content creators on social media to share content for you. You'll automatically get global usage rights to those pieces, all available for download in your dashboard

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