Using Pukket brands are able to reward their most loyal customers on social media. You are creating a tangible value for brands everytime you share a related experience on social media. Pukket enables brands to indentify people like you, invite you to their exclusive community and reward you accordingly. This is therefore how pukket works for everyday customers like you.

Most Common Questions:

How does the reward system works?

Once you’ve onboarded, you need to read the conditions which need to be met on your social media posts/content to be eligible for rewards.

Once you post, we will check your post for all requirements. Once approved our AI engine will evaluate the quality and engagements of your post, and will then award you with points for each post. You’re always gauranteed a minimum amount of points if your content is approved. You will then be able to spend these points on a variety of rewards under the Offers tab on your Pukket account.

I cannot spend my points on a reward more than one time, why?

Each reward type is only available once per month for you to redeem. This is because we need to give everyone in the community a chance to go for the same reward type.

Why was my entry rejected/not detected?

You may be missing a hashtag, brand handle, or not met one of the conditions asked by the brand. This could also be because you’ve broken one of the house rules, or have posted more than the permitted times within a period of time (please refer to the brand brief page for more info).

Please also make sure your profile isn’t on private mode and you’ve successfully connected your social media account.

I receive an error when trying to connecting my social media account

Please make sure your browser or your social media account are NOT on private/incognito modes.

How can I join a brand community?

You need to be contacted to be invited to this community by brands active on our platform. They typically promote this on their social media challenge or send you a message/comment directly.

How do I qualify for membership in the community?

It first of all depends on your location. Each brand will onboard advocates from specific locations.

Secondly, you need to have a minimum level of activity on your social media account (posts, engagements, followers).

Please also note your account needs to be on the public mode. We are not supporting private social media accounts.