Our Progress

Here is the timeline of our progress and plans for the future

1st Sep 2017:

Starting the Market Research

Key findings: Digital Advertising worth ~$160 Billion in 2017. Influencer Marketing from $2.5 Billion to $5-$10 Billion by 2017. Millennials better engage with those brands that reward them. Authentic content creation is the key driver of marketing strategies on social media.

Status: Completed 

30th Sep 2017:

Baking our idea with the help of mentors @Launch22

Key Learning Points: All assumptions need to be tested. Pre-totyping can increase speed and reduce costs in idea validation phase.

Status: Ongoing 

15th Oct 2017:

Validating the assumptions with Gallinee cosmetics

Key Learning Points: Some brands have a close relationship with their customers and don't want to make it transactional by asking them to do something for them in return for vouchers; brand engagement should rather happen organically.

Status: Completed 

8th Nov 2017:

Attending the 1st Influencer Marketing Conference in Europe, titled "Under the Influence"

Key Learning Points: The industry is focusing on serving the brands. Micro and mega influencers are the priority for campaigns. 75% of engagements on social media platforms can be fake. Social media accounts can be a source of income in the near future.

Status: Completed 

15th Nov 2017:

Validating our new assumptions with ScentsGarden London

Key Learning Points: It's better to focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods and markets in order to get a higher rate of engagement with brands. Cafes and restaurants are a great match as many people post about their food experiences on social media accounts as well.

Status: Completed 

25th Nov 2017 - 28th Feb 2018:

Finalising our 1st stage branding

Key Points: Pukket was selected for number of reasons (replacing Emojicoin), including appeal to millennials, showing the value of authentivity and incentivising our platform.

Status: Completed 

25th Nov 2017:

Starting the sketching, wireframing and building the prototype of our Pukket app

Status: User app completed  Brand app ongoing 

15th Dec 2017:

Setting up our online presence, including website and social media accounts

Status: Completed 

25th Dec 2017:

Signing up BurgistaBros (with 4 branches across London) as our 1st partners in the restaurant and cafe market

Status: Preparing for testing the idea at 4 branches, ongoing 

1st Jan 2018:

Finalising the list of features for the MVP

Status: Completed 

5th Jan 2018:

Applying for Instagram API (sandbox mode) + trialling AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Status: Ongoing 

20th Feb 2018:

Finalising preparation of our server-side implementation, the infrustucture and testing the system

Status: Ongoing 

1st April 2018:

Finalising the implementation and the testing of our MVP and preparing for a press release

Status: Ongoing 

30th Apr 2018:

Releasing the app in the Android and iOS markets

Status: Ongoing 

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