By using Pukket for Brands you will have the opportunity to make your products and services shareable. Pukket for Brands services results in virality, word-of-mouth and referrals which all reduce your customer acquisition cost and improve community engagement around your brand. We will be aiming to explain how Pukket for Brands enables you to encourage your community to share their experiences on social media. You can use our services to run and manage photo challenge competitions, contests, advocacy initiatives as well as managing brand ambassador schemes.

Pukket SaaS Solution

It is up to you how you want to structure your rewards system. You can offer your community members a range of rewards, including gift cards, scannable QR voucher codes, products as well as charitable donations. You will have the ability to determine how often you will be rewarding customers’ posts (once a week, once a month etc). You will also be able to define the minimum amount of reward, the top ceiling and the average that can be achieved by your community of brand advocates per post.

We manage the reward system through a point-based system which will follow your guidelines on the minimum, average and maximum amount of rewards per post. We will take into account a number of elements such as visual and textual quality, location and brand tags in order to awards these points to advocates. Once an advocate has collected enough points to redeem a reward, they can purchase it from our store.

* Please note that you should always maintain a high level of stock of rewards for your community to access. We recommend using a combination of your brand’s giftcards as well as more universal giftcards such as Amazon’s. You also have the option of sourcing and managing the giftcards to our team at Pukket. We have a range of partnerships across the retail sector to do this for you at market rate.

*Note: Pukket is designed for the everyday users on social media platforms with the utmost level of authenticity and trust among their network of followers (friends and family). However you can still use it to manage your influencer relationships internally. Please contact us to unlock this feature for you.

Pukket API Solution

For our larger clients we have also come up with an API solution. In this solution our computer vision, NLP and evaluation algorithms will kick in the background. You would be provided with the data points on the users, their posts as well as their engagements and rewards. The reward system can only be customised in this model. This will requires technical expertise on your end to integrate it to your existing loyalty system, CRM or referral system.

There is no point based system or the system of gift cards in this model. We use our Ai technology to process the posts for you automatically and at scale. There will be a set up fee for the dedicated service and a monthly subsctiption fee for the number of posts processed for you. Get in touch with us for more information about this.


How does the chatbot work? Your Instagram business account is connected to a Facebook business account. When you log in to our dashboard, you will need to connect your Facebook business account to our platform. Once you have customised the message you want to send to your customers, our algorithm looks for posts mentioning you and will leave a comment from your Instagram account on those posts. Please note this service can only be used on public Instagram accounts.

Can private Instragram users post and get rewarded? Yes they can, however they will need to be notified through means other than the chatbot to go to your website, create an account and link their Instagram profile for us to be able to analyse their content. You can send out newsletters or share social media posts to encourage such users to participate in your brand advocacy initiatives.

Is the chatbot under Pukket’s name or under our Instagram account name? It will be under your brand’s Instagram account.

Can we customise the messages chatbot sends to users? Yes, you can do this through your business account.

Are you an official partner with social media platforms to use their APIs? Yes, we use their official API points and have been verified to do so.

Is there a limit on the API calls for the chatbot and messaging? Yes, but it is in many thousands per hour, per user. So this will not limit your usage of the chatbot.

Can you detect objects and keywords for the purpose of brand safety? Yes, please share the list of objects and keywords with our team to be added to our AI list to filter and ban them down for you.

What stats do you show me on your dashboard? Analytics on engagements, number of participating customers, number of posts, visual analysis of posts, textual analysis of the captions, leaderboard of most active customers and other related insights. Please contact us for a demo.

How do you detect fraud and fake engagements? Securing the Authenticity of posts shared by real people is at the core of what we do at Pukket. We verify user’s accounts at the point of onboarding, take a look at their historical data, look for any sudden change in trends, behaviour or spikes in the numbers to flag suspicious accounts.

Can Pukket web app be integrated on my website unbranded? Yes, it will however have a tiny tag of “Powered by Pukket” at the bottom of the widget you embed on your website.

Are you GDPR compliant? Yes, we use Google Cloud services for our operations, encrypt and anonymise the data without giving access to any third parties.

Can you handle giftcards and rewards for my brand? Yes, please remember that your customers want to be given the option to choose from a variety of vouchers and giftcards, not just your brand’s giftcards. We handle this for you automatically through the partnerships we have with many major retailers. We will invoice you for the giftcards everytime it is purchased by a customer. Alternatively, you can provide us with a range of giftcards to automatically upload them for you on our system.