Pukket for Brands explained

Pukket for Brands Explained

By using Pukket for Brands you will have the opportunity to make your products and services shareable. Pukket for Brands services results in virality, word-of-mouth and referrals which all reduce your customer acquisition cost and improve community engagement around your brand. We will be aiming to explain how Pukket for Brands enables you to encourage your community to share their experiences on social media. You can use our services to run and manage photo challenge competitions, contests, advocacy initiatives as well as managing brand ambassador schemes.

Pukket SaaS Solution

Using our SaaS solution you can get up and running in couple of days. You can get your customers or employees to share their experiences on social media platforms (i.e Instagram) and reward them for it. You’ll do this by inviting them to share their experiences, tagging you in their posts. By doing so and then downloading the Pukket app we will verify their posts and reward them automatically. You as a brand will get access to a mobile app as well as a web dashboard to oversee the posts, those who shared it, the engagements created and the rewards distributed. For more information about this please visit our business page here.

A point-based system

Our SaaS solution is a point based system. This means that you would top up your business account with Pukket points as part of the package you use on our platform. This model is very similar to a typical Cost Per Engagement (CPE) campaign. You reward your community for the engagements created with Pukket points from you account. They would then spend the collected points on variety of vouchers and gift cards on our store tab.

Economics: 5 engagements = 1 Pukket point. Our technology ensures that the engagements are genuine and from the network of friends and family.

Example: You purchase a Starter package for £100. You receive 250 Pukket points, covering the cost of 1,250 engagements by your customers. On average each person receives 25 engagements for each post on Instagram. This means that your Starter package will typically cover the costs of ~50 posts before you run out of Pukket points. The 25 engagements result in 5 Pukket points which are redeemable for a voucher valued at £1. The points can be collected over time and spent on higher value items.

*Note: Pukket is designed for the everyday users on social media platforms with the utmost level of authenticity and trust among their network of followers (friends and family). For that purpose the service is not available to influencers, bloggers or business profiles. There is a maximum cap of 24 Pukket points per post, pre-empting the possibility of the system being games.

Pukket API Solution

For our larger clients we have also come up with an API solution. In this solution our computer vision, NLP and evaluation algorithms will kick in the background. You would be provided with the data points on the users, their posts as well as their engagements and rewards. The reward system can only be customised in this model. This will requires technical expertise on your end to integrate it to your existing loyalty system, CRM or referral system.

There is no point based system or the system of gift cards in this model. We use our Ai technology to process the posts for you automatically and at scale. There will be a set up fee for the dedicated service and a monthly subsctiption fee for the number of posts processed for you. Get in touch with us for more information about this.