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Our support and account management teams are available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to deal with support tickets coming our way

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Our platform is very intuitive to use, yet we have complemented it with educaitonal videos in case you need an extra bit of help

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There are other cocmmunity managers with the experience of our product who are willing toanswer any questions you may have

Frequently asked questions

How do you qualify members?​

All customers are given the opportunity to join the community, however the opportunities they are presented with differs based on their profile of activity on your store​

How does the social selling program work?

Customers have a chance to make referrals and come up with a UGC of their experience after each purchase they make

Can I manage my content creators?

Yes, some opportunities such as content creation on social media is only available to qualified content creators on social media

To what extent can I customize my community?​

You can have your own subdomain, your own branding for community & chatrooms, as well as the reward system

How does the reward system work?

We offer a point based system where points can be spent on merchandise or giftcards on the community store tab. Each customer is rewarded proportional to the value they bring to your business

How do chatrooms work?

Each opportunity is linked to a chatroom for people to share their thoughts, tips and UGCs with each other. The community manager will also have the chance to communicate with members through chatrooms.

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