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e-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing; best strategies and tactics

Operating an online business is very different from an offline one. There are specific online platforms, strategies, tactics, and know-how to learn. And e-commerce marketing is the core of your challenges and the digital skill set you need to learn. … Read More

best online community platform

The Best Online Community Platform for You

Do you ever wish to have a place to host your army of customers who would protect you on a rainy day when your reputation is in danger? What if you don’t need to start from scratch every time you … Read More

Referral Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Referral Marketing

As an online business, finding cost-effective ways to increase sales and expand your customer base must be one of your highest concerns on daily basis. Here we have prepared a comprehensive article about the most effective digital marketing methods, called … Read More

Advocacy Marketing: How Apple, Uber and Southwest Airlines Do it

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Remember the last time, you as a customer, went through a great brand experience. All of us have experiences brands who go above and beyond to make us understand they care … Read More

advocacy management platforms

Advocacy Management Platform, how to choose one

Internet advent has remarkably changed the way consumers make their purchase decisions. It’s no longer easy for brands to convince their target consumers that they are the best ones to solve their needs. And since research shows that consumers trust … Read More

Influencer marketing is not for you

5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is NOT For You

Marketing trends are quickly evolving. A strategy that used to work superbly for marketers ten years ago is highly likely to be outdated. Influencer marketing is among the most commonly used marketing techniques at the moment. Nearly any brand is … Read More

turn your customers to your marketing force

Turn Your Customers into a Killer Marketing Force

Marketing is a very crucial aspect of any business, whether established or start-up. The rule of thumb is that as a B2C business, you should spend between 5% to 10% of your revenues on marketing (2% to 5% for B2B … Read More