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Power of Brand Advocates

User-generated content shared by your customers outperform influencer content by 5-10x

Increased Customer Loyalty

Rewarding your customers for their content creation improves their loyalty by 4.5x

Increased Sales and Conversions

Word-of-Mouth marketing is known to increase sales and coversions by 2.4x

Accelerated Asset Acquisition

Create content at scale by crowdsourcing it through your community of superfans

Create Word-of-Mouth at Scale for Your Brand

Your customers are the best people to spread the word for your brand
  • Identify Your Advocates on Social Media
  • Onboard Them Using a Chatbot
  • Rewards Management and Sentiment Analysis

Automated Process

Identify advocates, message, onboard, reward and engage them all automatically

Drive Awareness At Scale

Your advocates will bring exposure and awareness to your brand. We will automatically moderate their posts for you

Acquire Content

Crowdsource a diverse set of user-generated contnet and automatically obtain the Copy Right to use them

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Your Community Building and Management Under One Roof

Build, manage and track all your brand advocates across social media platforms on your Pukket dashboard
  • Across Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • Track Reach & Engagements
  • Track Best Performing Advocates
  • List of All Posts
  • Social Listening
  • Unbranded Chatbot for Communication

Using AI to Bring You a Range of Insights and Analytics

There is more to conversations created by your customers than just photos and words
  • Location Tracking
  • Logo & Object Detection
  • Product Placement Identification
  • Sentiment Analysic
  • Visual & Textual Analysis
  • Reach & Engagement Tracking
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How Does It Work?

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Calculate Your Expected Results

NOTES: Select one option at a time from the list on the left to find out the expected reach and engagements from your community of brand advocates (we calculate the expected results by multiplying number of users with content per user, times by the average reach or engagements).

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